Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.

Anyone familiar with Mr. Sirmans’ writing knows that he is a true believer in the
power of positive thinking to change behavior.  He knows first hand personally
that it works because it saved his life from ruins.  At one point in his life his lack
of faith and self-confidence became so weak that nightmares and hallucinations
were trying to take over his life.   

When it seemed like there was no hope left his love of reading came galloping
in on a big white horse to save him.  In his reading he had bought a book on  the
“power of positive thanking” and at first he had no idea of it’s power, he just
tossed it aside.  As time passed he had started to dread the night and darkness,
he dreaded to go to sleep because a few times he had come out of bed at
almost a full sprint running  from God knows what.  

He had read the book cover on how the “Power of positive thinking” would
change behavior but he really didn't believe it.  Sure, he didn't believe it would
change behavior but mentally he was sinking and really had no other choice, so
he decide to grab hold to it as a life line.  He decided to follow the writers
instructions  by repeating this quote (paraphrased) “I can face and do all things
through God which strengthens me, ” he would say it at least fifty time or more
a day.     

Within three days the nightmares and minor hallucinations went away forever
and after five months a new found faith washed over him and he felt that he
could do anything he set his mind to.  That whole scenario took place over forty
years ago.   So, nobody  can tell him the “power of positive thinking” doesn't
work if one stays the course.   


The “Positive thinking” quote only deals with the mentally aspect  of
weight control one still has to exercise and develop healthy eating
habits.  The quote must be repeated  in ones mind or to ones self fifty or
more time everyday, increasing the number of time per day tends to
speed up the process.  

However, the effect is not instant it may take up to six months or longer,
its nothing you can force, it may seems like a waste of time, but if you
never quit one day out of the blue it will dawn on you that, hey, I don’t eat
as much food as I use too and I don’t want to.  Keep in mind when
changing behavior the mind and body cells are not going to give in
without a knock down and drag out fight.  

It is like breaking a wild horse he is going to do everything within his
power to throw you off.  The human brain is much more subtle.  In the
beginning one won't feel hungry and think the technique is really
working.  Later on one may start craving sweets and wanting to eat
everything in sight.  Then one may start feeling the technique is not
working and is a waste of time.  

That is why it is so important to never quit just stay in the saddle and ride
it out.  Now that you know what to do with the quote, just repeat the
quote to yourself a minimum of fifty or more time every day, and never,
never quit.   Repeat this quote,
"I can't have but a little bit of food per
meal, (optional) through God who strengthens me.  I can't have but a little
bit of food per meal, I can't have but a little bit of food per meal; I can't
have but a little bit of food per meal.....  

For it to be effective one should never repeat more than one quote at a
time during a six month period.  
Join the in crowd, experience the joy of
reading a Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Book.   
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1.) Vitamin B-6 the wonder vitamin: It will ease carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis pain, and
cure more aches and pains than you can shake a stick at. Caution: Never take over 300mg
per day because taking too much can cause nerve damage. Myself, I've taken 100mg a
day for years and have never had a problem with arthritis.

The greatest depression reliever that I know of is to count your blessings. Repeat
over and over to your self a count your blessings quote whenever necessary, and as long
as necessary. Note: To be most effective one never repeats more than one quote during a
six months period. You can make up your own quote or you can use one of the following:
"Thank you God for my life, health, and strength. Thank you God for my life, health, and
strength. Thank you God for my life, health, and strength...."

(1b.) Another great count your blessing quote to relieve depression is "Thank you God for
the way I am." "Thank you God for the way I am." "Thank you God for the way I am...

(1c.) Another great count your blessing quote to relieve depression is "Thank you God for
what I do have." "Thank you God for what I do have." "Thank you God for what I do

The miracle of Evening primrose oil.
I Have suffered with dry skin all over my body for a few years and evening primrose oil
have definitely helped me. I hate all of this having to rub down with lotion every time I take
a shower. Taking 2000 to 3000mg a day has certainly helped me. Anyone one desiring
beautiful and healthy skin evening primrose oil is a must, especially women.

Notice! A simple rule of thumb formula on how to eat to keep diabetes under control.
This rule is not for everyone, check with your doctor first. The rule is: "Never eat over 50
carbohydrate grams per setting and never eat less than 2 hours from last setting."
Otherwise, eat anything you want anytime you want to. A rule of thumb on portions: All
non-starchy vegetables, 1/2 cup=5 carbohydrate grams. All starchy vegetables and other
carbohydrates equivalent, 1/2 cup=15 carbohydrate grams. On all processed foods: Read
labels. All meats and fats without breading, sauce, or gravy =0 carbohydrate grams. Daily
supplement: 200mcg to 400mcg of chromium pollinate per day. Remember, eating too
much meat and fat is bad for your health and kidneys. Remember, one needs to cut way
back on salt and sodium. This article is about carbohydrates to control diabetes, but to
control weight calories is what really matters. I must include a proven positive thinking
quote to repeat to yourself a minimum of 50 times per day. Never quit repeating the
positive thinking quote because it may take well over 6 months for it to work 100 percent.
This is the quote to be repeated:  
"I can't have but a little bit of food per meal, (optional)
through God who strengthens me.  I can't have but a little bit of food per meal, I
can't have but a little bit of food per meal; I can't have but a little bit of food per

(3.) How to cook fantastic Bar B Que: Mix approximately two cups of vinegar and one
cup of soy sauce per gallon of water. Then soak meat for approximately eight hours or
overnight before slow cooking. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

A recipe for the best layer or pound cake you have ever tasted:
2 1/2 cups of pure cane sugar
2 sticks or 1/2 pound of real butter
6 eggs
2 twelve oz cans of carnation evaporated milk
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract
3 cups of Martha white self-rising flour

Using a large spoon mix melted butter and sugar, then add eggs, milk, and flavor. Next,
use an electric mixer for several minutes. Now, put in the three cups of flour, use the large
spoon to stir flour in. Lastly, use the electric mixer for several more minutes. Bake at 350
degrees. After 45 minutes for pound cake check with a toothpick and recheck every 10 minutes
until done.

When cooled down cover cake with vanilla or chocolate frosting.
Options: With chocolate frosting sprinkle some finely chopped pecans on top.
With vanilla frosting sprinkle some coconut flakes on top.
Taste: Wow! Dynomite! Unbelievable!

The prostate:
Man's oh, oh, oh, so great pleasure gland. Every man should have his doctor check this
gland at lease once a year. Get over the finger wave glove it's just clinical. In the meantime there
is much one can do on his own to provide nutritional support. These are only
three of the ones I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. takes daily, 50mg of zinc, 1000mg of pumpkin
seed oil, and at least 160mg of saw palmetto extract. Most super markets sell can
tomatoes with no salt added. I add one half cup or more to my food daily. When this is
done no one will have to tell you if it works. You'll know when you growl and feel like
snatching the sink off the wall when the moment is right. Also, it will protect and keep the
prostate gland healthy for the rest of one's life. By the way, you guys with sexual interest
on the wane, bee pollen has been around for years as a natural testosterone booster. You
can find it in the vitamin section.

Weight loss:
It is far better to be healthy than slim if you can't have both. Roller coasting or yoyoing is
one of the worst things one can do to the human body. It is nonsense to believe you have
to be skinny to be healthy; balance is the key. My suggestion is to eat lots of fruits and
vegetables and cut way back on white flour and artificial sweets. Also, cut way back on
salt, otherwise eat what you want, enjoy life to the fullest, and chances are you'll out live
the critics.
However, the fuel burning side must be taken into account. Walking one or two miles a
day is a must, no exceptions. A good idea is to buy a couple of fairly heavy barbells and
store on kitchen counter. Then do ten overhead pumps, ten pull-ups to arm pits, a few
curls or whatever at lease once a day. Finally, don't forget to take vitamins and other
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