Anyone familiar with my writing knows that I have a super strong belief
in “positive thinking” to change behavior. To those that don’t know what
positive thinking is, I will explain. It is a technique to change behavior;
take a phrase or quote and repeats it over and over to yourself. It doesn’t
need to be repeated aloud.

However, to be effective it must be repeated at least fifty or more times
every day. The more times it is repeated the faster it will work because it
is the repeating process itself that breaks through to the subconscious.
The quote to repeat is:
"I can keep small all of my food portions,
(through God which strengthens me).”
The through God part can be left
out or changed to fit ones own deity if desired.

It may take as long as a year or longer to fully kick in, and bear fruit, but
if one doesn’t quit the repeating process is guaranteed to get results.
Just keep repeating the quote to yourself at least 50 times or more every
day, and never quit until your goal is reached. God will make a way out of
no way. Mighty forces will come to your aid.

It will work if one doesn't quit. A word of advice about changing eating
behavior, it can be done but it is not a simple or easy matter. The only
guarantee is to never stop repeating the quote because fat cells don't like
being starved. One may start craving sweets and wanting to eat
everything in sight and feeling the quote is a waste of time all to get you
to quit repeating the quote.

The body cells in cahoots with the mind will play all kinds of tricks to get
you to quit but in the end you will reach your goal if you stay with it and
never quit. It is like breaking in a wild horse. The wild horse is going to
buck and try everything in its power to throw you off but if you can hang
on and ride it out you will obtain your goal.

The reason it is so hard to lose weight is your body cells in cahoots with
your mind will use reward and punishment against you.The punishment
of hunger may seem much more severe. And at the same time the good
taste of food may seem much more rewarding. However, in the end the
mind must try to carry out any image constantly presented to it.
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