From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Dec. 13, 2006
I.  Blood and butter money must be paid
Almost all of the so-called experts and big thinkers believe the US. Involvement in Iraq is a
deadly mistake.  Myself, overall I’m not so sure.  I believe the truly greatest threat to western
civilization and survival is really from the inside, which is the welfare state.  In my view the
Iraq situation just might be divine intervention to get the US. Back to individual

I believe anything that will save the US. And get it back to responsible government and
individual accountability is a good thing.  Otherwise, if the US. Doesn’t privatize or dismantle
it's welfare state with its bankrupt moral and culture it is going to self-destruct down the toilet
anyway.  No matter all the hoopla you hear from the shallow liberal media you can forget
about the US. Leaving Iraq anytime soon.  

That is because there are still a few people in power that have some depth and wisdom and
knows it would be suicide to the US. Economy to flee Iraq.  It is very simple, the US. Cannot
survive without it’s sixty percent overseas oil supplies.  The liberal media don’t care about the
country's whole 300 million lives at stake, they are too caught up in individual pain and
suffering and are blind to saving the whole country.  Every decent American is grieved about
the sacrifices being made over there.  

But, not everyone will irresponsible put all of the country's 300 million lives on the line
because fleeing Iraq just might do that by collapsing the US. economy.  Sure the cost in Iraq
is blood and butter money but it is a terrible price we must pay to survive.  This country has
no other choice we have failed to be energy independent and is at the mercy of sixty percent
of our oil from overseas to survive.  

Not just the liberal media but the whole media fails to educate the public of this fact.  The
general public doesn’t have a clue to how our dependence on foreign oil can destroy our
economy and this nation almost over night.            

God I ask in your name, save this last great protector and bastion of true freedom in the world
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From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Jan. 14, 2007
I.  Can disaster be sensed?
On this Sunday morning January 14, 2007 I can’t seem to quit repeating “Thank you God,
thank you God, thank you God” for some strange reason.  Maybe I’m sensing something
earthshaking brewing.  Maybe something catastrophic is about to change the whole world
soon.  Read “Can the US survive doomsday” by Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Jan. 21, 2007
I. A wealth and motivation formula by Freddie L.
Sirmans, Sr.
What is wealth?
Wealth = Energy + Physical value

What is motivation?
Motivation = Self-interest (Greed) + Reward
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Jan. 22, 2007
I. Daily password changes are needed at check points.
On top of badges, uniforms, and others things a different daily password must be used at
check points to protect our troops.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Jan. 26, 2007
I. The first law of survival is “first protect your own.”
It is a tragedy that America’s national survival instinct and nationalism has become almost
nonexistent.  One of America’s industrial giants that made it possible for the US and Allies to
win World War II may go down from unfair world competition.  The world’s biggest sellers into
the US market answers back with almost no purchases of US products back in their country.   

In terms of raw survival if you won’t first protect your own you can’t expect to compete in the
survival game vary long.  There is hardly a public stir from this welfare state, as another
American industrial icon is about to bite the dust; I grieve.  This great North American welfare
state can now be compared to a frog in a pot of cold water with fire under it.  It can, but it will
not jump out before it's too late.  

The welfare state has left this once self-proud great predominant Christian nation of pioneers
with a gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, me-first do-for-me big government dependent mentality.   And
very little chance of surviving as a free people when money becomes worthless, I Grieve.  
Everything about this welfare state economy runs on wheels or rails mostly long distance,
therefore without a guaranteed mass supply of fuel made from oil we perish.  

We have no second chance back up bartering capacity to survive on like during the Great
Depression, the liberal welfare state has destroyed all of that.  We will be doomed.  I curse the
welfare state!  Welfare state be damned!!!  The answer and solution for everything is found in
reading Freddie L. Sirmans books.       
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Feb. 05, 2007
I. Something strange is going on.
I’m not normally a superstitious person but something strange is going on, because in the
last week some things just seem to jump out at me.  A few days ago I picked up several
household item from two different stores back to back and the cash register receipts was the
same tally.  Today I checked to see what the count would be on one of my web pages and it
was 6666.  

And, in the last week there have been several other match ups that seem to be happening too
regular.  This leaves me thinking that a divine warning of something super world changing is
about to take place.  The vibes is just too strong to ignore.  Lord have mercy.   
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Feb. 08, 2007
I.  Divine intervention.
The cold steel reality is the US no longer has the wisdom or will to privatize and dismantle the
welfare state.  So, the welfare state must be made to go broke by a higher power for western
civilization to be saved.  The divine balance laws between good versus evil and freedom
versus slavery must be maintained.  Believe it or not, it's on, it's going down.  Mother nature
have stepped in and is going to break this welfare state, it can't be stopped.  

The war in Iraq is just a catalyst, the best thing we can do is prepare for a lot of pain, struggle,
and suffering.  

"Thy will will be done on earth.”
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Feb. 11, 2007
I.  Why there is runaway CEO pay?
Runaway CEO pay is actually proof of a non-free market economy.  In a true free market
economy no business with any kind runaway pay can survive.  What the US have is actually
a government driven inflationary spiraling economy.  What they call growth is actually
inflation produced by government giving out free money on an individual basis and raising
the cost of living itself each year.  Otherwise, who knows if we would have had any true
growth in the last twenty years?  

In a true free market system the amount of labor and pay is directly connected and the
currency is supposed to represent a fixed amount of gold backup.  Sure, a civilization must
have laws and all of that, but in the final analysis the real true disciplinarian is the economy
itself.  We have laws on the book now to control crime, illegal immigration, drugs, and
anything you can think of, but human self-interest will overpower any law.  

I will guarantee you if you get rid of this doomsday welfare state economy it will bring back
individual accountability and responsibility.  Now you can’t get Americans to do farm work in
the blazing sun, but if one gets hungry enough he will work anywhere he can.  That is what a
true free market place will do.  Remember, I'm not making the rules I’m just telling you what
they are.  No one really knows what kind of economical system we really have.  

"We are in no man’s land.  We have gone where no man has gone before.  We are truly in
unchartered territory or waters."  We are just printing money as we see fit and using the
interest lever to keep from going completely off the chart.  Again, I’m going to walk through
this, an economy is when you have a lot of people and each family must produce or create
something of value to eat and live.

What one needs and doesn’t have he must barter to get it from someone else.  But, if he
wants a pig and only have potatoes to barter with the other person may not want potatoes.  
So, a currency solves the problem where everyone can exchange with everyone else.  The
point I'm trying to make is a currency or a business is only a medium of exchange, real wealth
is still when someone produces or creates something of value.  Small farmers and gardeners
is the backbone for any nation to survive under all conditions.   

I don't have a problem with mega-farms and huge animals factory farms, but for a nation to
rely solely on them for their only survival is just plain dumb and stupid.  Everything about
them requires mass quantities of fuel plus long distance delivery.  We are now left with no
bartering capacity to exchange with each other to survive on in case of a national
emergency.  You can't survive on a worthless currency.  There is no doubt in my mind unless
we privatize out of this welfare state at some point our currency is going to become

What actually make a democracy superior to all other forms of government are not its
freedom but its built in discipline.  When it comes to discipline nothing beat the tandem of
reward or punishment.  That is why it is so hard to lose weight; the body uses reward or
punishment to make sure you eat.  The reward is the good taste of food and the punishment
is hunger.  

A true free market place rewards human effort with profit and on the other hand punishes
laziness with hunger and hardship.  Wait!  Not so fast, along comes the bleeding heart
socialist and he wants to take away the profits of the productive and give it to the non-
productive.  And in time he will kill and destroy any democracy.  Don’t get me all-wrong; I care
about the poor too.  

But, I believe the welfare of the poor is first the responsibility of the nuclear family, the church,
social organizations, and lastly the government only on a temporary basis.