Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Mr. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
As a young child being punished as a bed wetter caused me to have neurotic
symptoms for as long as I can remember.  Today I'm over sixty three years of
age and for the last forty years Ive used positive thinking as a tool to try to
solve the riddle of my neurotic symptoms.  And after all of these years I've
come to one conclusion, you can't solve the riddle, but, you can face it down.  
Another thing I've learned is the real hidden enemy is "unforgiveness."  

It makes some turn on themselves and self-destruct.  It makes some turn on
others and cause great destruction to others.  My offer of help to others battling
and struggling with this hidden enemy is:  There is hope and relief if you are
willing to learn forgiveness.  Not everyone wants to learn forgiveness.  I feel
blessed and thankful that all of my effort over the years have not been wasted.  

I have developed more than one positive thinking quotes over the years, but I
believe this one is my "Holy Grail."  As always, the positive thinking technique
is to take a quote and repeat it to yourself over and over at a minimum of fifty
times a day.  It helps to repeat it more because the more it is repeated the faster
it work.  It is not enough to believe and know it works, the repeating process
itself is what breaks through to the subconscious.  

My life long guaranteed holy grail positive thinking quote is:  
"I can face and
forgive all things,"(optional) through God who strengthens me.        

I saw a program on TV the other day on Tourette syndrome and it made me
think that disease over in my mind.  The first thing in my view is instead of
people taking all of these mind altering drug with side effects, I believe my
"Holy grail" positive thinking quote offers a superior natural remedy.  

The working of the mind deal only in images and it doesn't distinguish between
a good image or a bad image, it just obeys the strongest command image
presented.  The reason may be an unloving environment or any threat to ones
survival that causes an emotion to stamp a survival image on ones mind against
the will of a weaken ego.  

The natural reaction of the ego is to resist any unacceptable image, which can
be counterproductive, because that is what stamps the unwanted image on the
subconscious mind.  Therefore, the harder one tries to mentally resist any
emotional image the more stronger the image becomes and the mind will obey
the strongest command image.  

Example:  The more one fears he is going to do or say something shocking the
more likely that fear will over power his ego and make it happen.  Decoded:
Fear actually means lack of emotional resistance energy and the more one
fears he is going to lose, the harder the mind tries to obey the command image
to lose.  That is why animals can smell fear and go in for an easy kill.  

Remember, the emotions are super powerful images, but they can never defeat
the ego if the ego calls their bluff.  No emotion can force the ego to do anything
that it really doesn't want to do.  In childhood when a child is under grave
mental or physical threats and abuse the mind will go to extreme lengths to
instill emotional images to assure survival under adverse conditions.

Another example:  We all have heard the term "Animal magnetism or
something chemical."  Well, in my view, super powerful emotional sexual
energy like that comes from some form of childhood sexual abuse.  I haven't
studied psychology or anything of the sort, but I have enough common sense to
know that things like sexual obsession and sexual projections have to do with
childhood sexual abuse.  

Just count yourself lucky if you have never had to escape from someone
abused and cursed with this energy.  Once involved for some reason it is
extremely hard to get someone like that out of your mind because of their
primitive enticing sexual power.  Through projection they have the ability to
turn one on to a super sexual charged level.  

Also, Most people cursed with this energy tend to be abusers themselves.  So,
when you see a previously well controlled individual completely fall apart in a
new relationship, don't be so quick to condemn.  There are energy forces out
there that only a super strong moral person can resist.  

When all victims are in a normal environment without any threats those same
powerful emotional images will still be protecting them making them seem
weird and abnormal.  Now, my solution is to deal with the situation in a tandem

Like I said, the emotions have no real power, except to bluff and put up a
facade.  So, when confronted by overpowering self-guilt and self-shame all one
has to do is call their bluff by facing them head on and in short order they will
start fading away, that makes "Facing" the keyword.  Now, to the other side of
the tandem.  To instill a strong healthy ego in a child it is so important for that
child to have at least some love and acceptance.   

Otherwise, the emotions of fear, shame, and guilt can leave the child vulnerable
to all sorts of mental illnesses.  There is a world of difference between being the
way one wants to be and being the way one really is.  So, if one has self images
he can't accept for whatever reason, no amount of wishful thinking is going to
change that fact.  

When the ego hates the way one is, the emotions of self-shame and self-guilt
can make one feel worthless and unworthy.  Self-shame, self-guilt, and self-hate
can destroy the mental self(ego) the same as if someone physical blows one's
brains out.  In this case, "Forgiveness" is the keyword.  

Therefore, my positive thinking natural remedy is:
 "I can face and forgive all
things (optional) through God who strengthens me."   "I can face and forgive all
things."  "I can face and forgive all things......     
I.  Forgiveness
1.  It is the only thing that will ease embedded anger and hate.

2.  If one has been hurt and mistreated, especially by a friend or loved
one, forgiveness may be the only thing that will ease ones raging anger
and desire to reject, avenge, destruct, or destroy.

3.  There are no greater powers on earth than love and forgiveness.

4.  There is no mental condition or problem that love and forgiveness  
can’t heal.

5.  Nothing can mental defeat one that can genuine love and forgive.

6.  You can’t change other people but other people will respond to a
change in you.

7.  It’s a proven fact that the power of positive thinking can change

8.  To acquire genuine joy and happiness it is one of the best tools, but
only the truly unselfish will forgive no matter how they are treated in

9.  To acquire this awesome power, repeat to yourself fifty or more times
a day the following "world's most powerful healing quote" whenever and
as long as necessary.   

“I can wish all
people goodwill no matter how they treat me.”                  

To be effective one should never repeat more than one quote at a time
during a six month period.

11. Actually wishing all people goodwill even if its not returned is not to
please others, but to mentally and emotionally guarantee a bright future
for yourself.  It is still true that “Attitude determine altitude.”  You are
how you treat all people including those you have power over when no
one else is around.  So, If you remain a loving, caring, and forgiving
person you will reap those rewards in life.

Forgiveness does not mean that one tolerates abuse or mistreatment in
any way.  You separate yourself from any abusive situation, then forgive
and move on.  As a rule the choices we make determines our fate.  But,
self preservation should always comes first.
Mr. Sirmans for one doesn't believe modern civilization would be where it
is today without Christianity.   He thinks the main ingredient in
Christianity that allows it to advance civilization more than any other
religion is its emphasis on forgiveness, and the "Sermon on the mount"
It may not seem like much, but without the power of forgiveness, foreign
and domestically everyone could still be emphasizing tit for tat, eye for
eye, tooth for tooth, regressing back to the stone age.  That is what
some countries would do if left entirely to themselves.

Lastly, I must include a count your blessings quote as a stress reliever
because of so many people on legal mind altering drugs.  True joy and
happiness is determine by how one accepts and appreciate life, not what
one have or may not have.  The old biblical advice is still true today as it
was five thousand years ago.  

Remember to count your blessings, or never forget to count your
blessings.  As always the power in positive thinking is in the repeating
process itself.  Whenever one is feeling down and stressed out, repeat
this quote over and over to yourself, "Thank you God for my life, health,
and strength, thank you, thank you....  

Another good positive quote to repeat to yourself when you just can't
seem to make ends meet is, " Thank you God for what I do have, Thank
you, thank you...

Say it as much and as long as necessary until the storm passes over.  
This is from the horse's mouth itself.  Over the years I've used this quote
to get over my darkest hours.  There have been times when I've felt
totally unlovable with no hope to ever find happiness.  All I knew to do
was put one foot in front of the other and go through the motion of living.
But, deep down in my soul there was always an unwavering fighting
instinct to survive.  So far back I can't even remember I instinctly knew
that if one can refuse to hate he cannot be mentally destroyed.  I knew
that as long as one can genuine love and forgive someway somehow he
would triumph in the end.  

You never see those that can genuine love and forgive in mental wards
and stressed out loser with no hope.  Enough said, thank you for taking
the time to read my work.  Love you,
Join the in crowd, experience the joy of
reading a Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Book.   
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