By Rosetta P. Scott
You know there's someone within you,
That lives and thinks and breaths
He knows the face you present to the world
He knows weather or not you're at ease

Most of the time we suppress him
Cause we're afraid of what we might see
Sometimes that person's careless, wild, spirited and free
Lots of time, not winning the approval of society

Sometimes that person's restless
Never settling in one place
Forever looking for excitement

In a new town, in a new face
Sometimes impulsive, doing things without thought Buying a
card, sending a gift, causing a smile
Doing little things they feel others ought
Sometimes that person's subtle and mild
Quiet and at peace, giving love, sharing a smile

That person is the voice of the inner you
Distinctly yours, setting you apart
A unique and complicated creation
Fashioned and molded, in the mind and hand of God

By Rosetta Posey Scott

There was once a very special someone, whose presence
meant so much
Cause you see this special someone, I felt that I could trust I
gave to them the best in me, keeping them happy was a
passion with me
I did for them the best that I could, cause letting me down, I
never thought they would
The cycle was set, we both had our faults
But through communication, understanding was brought
Then out of nowhere, suspicions came, evidence began to
pile up, this was no game
The overpowering force of temptation got to them, and
cause they were weak
It threw them for a loop so to speak
Gone was that specialness gone was that trust
Gone was the understanding that stood proudly between us

E’re did love
That went a searching
At last find lodging in this heart
Tis now that love
Must but just whisper
Until the death that did us part

Spring is here...AII sunshiny and bright
Stars fill the skies from end to end at night
Lovers walk hand in hand
Friends talk and discuss plans
Spring is here all sunshiny and bright
I'm happy today, everything is all right

My heart cries out," Come to me... come to me ...Do
My mind cries out" He may not want to"
My love cries out," 0 give me a home"
Take of me!...Use of me!...Don't leave me alone"
My body cries out," Love me!...Love me!..., set me free"
To be the whole woman that I so long to be
My heart cries out," Come to me... come to me...
Do Hold out no longer, your love needs a home, too

Love is like a flower, it's petals to unfold
Like the passing hour, it's beauty to behold
Bursting forth to full array
And like the passing soon... it passes away

Timidly my heart reaches out,
Gently, delicately, unsure, full of doubt
Stretch forth your hand, still my fear
Tell me you love me... T’is all need... Dear

On this cold, cloudy gray morning
I'm thinking of you my love
Of moments spent together
Embracing and making love
Of days filled with sunshine
Happy, carefree, and gay
Moments that help me to appreciate
A cold, cloudy, gray day

Loneliness is facing the weekend with dread
Knowing the emptiness that lies ahead
Loneliness is being on the out, looking in
In a room full of friends, where there isn't a friend

Loneliness is watching the cars go, to and fro
Never ever stopping, on and on they go

Loneliness is waiting for that special someone
All alone you wait, knowing they'll never come

Loneliness is that eerie feeling you get in the night Crushing
and destroying you
Letting you know, you're losing the fight

Loneliness is the feeling, after all those desperate Giving you
a pitying look at the following years

Causing you to wish that your life would end            
Knowing full well...that tomorrow
It will begin...all...over...again...

You shared some of your time with me
A gift more precious than gold
The joys you've implanted in my heart
Pierced through to my very soul
Words to say all feel, I simply cannot find
But your friendship will always be dear to me
For it's one of the rarest kind

3:15-3:45 P.M. 9-12-98

I tasted love, soft and sweet, just the other day
Love that I hungered for so much
And wished it to come my way

It made me feel quite special It brighten up my soul And I just
wanted to hide inside
To be wrapped up in it's folds

Ah..just for a moment,... love held me in a gentle trance So
perfect was that moment,
That, to the next stage, I wanted to advance

My soul knew joy, my heart did laugh, my inner being danced
Dew drops of love on the rose of my day
My all said "At last...My chance"

I savored each precious moment, I gave my all to each one
I relinquished all of my anxieties
I relaxed, I experienced, I had fun

Then I awoke from my moment
In the clear light of day I did see
That my hope had created an illusion
A dream... not reality

Then my heart grew heavy, my countenance
But at lease I had my moment
My space, my time to be glad

0 how my heart does hunger
My soul wants for more than a taste
Of the love that I knew the other day
In another a different place

6:10-6:40 P.M. 12-3-98

I went to a prayer meeting the other day
Several other people were there
We'd gathered to study the word of God
And offer up individual prayer

We sang the song, "Alleluia"
It triggered many a thought in our minds
It made us all acutely aware
That we needed God all of the time

We discussed different scriptures
Everyone saying how they affected them
And how hearing it out loud, made us humble
And we gave all glory and praise to Him

One young lady started crying
Just glad she decided to come and share
She told of the weight she was shouldering
And how badly she needed to be elsewhere

But she said, 'Tonight God has blessed me"
I know now that I can go on
She now knew that someone was with her
No longer would she have to go it alone

The singing, the praying and the fellowship                        
Had a positive effect
The question that sprang to the lips of us all
Was, 'Who'll have the prayer meeting next"

Won't you join in our prayer meeting
Truly, you have nothing but the weight of sin to lose
God has a blessing, specifically for you
And it's one, that only your soul can use


It occurred to me, that trees, too, speak
And they have a great story to tell
They've been around for quite awhile
And they've endured longevity real well
Trees say, "Reach deep, stand tall"
Be firm, don't be easily swayed by the tide
Trees say, "Be flexible at the needed time"
Bend... but don't break your stride
Listen for the higher call
Be ready at once to respond
Hear and obey the majestic command
Take heed to fulfill each one
Trees say, "Hello in the spring"
With leaves of all kinds of green
They spread their branches in every direction
And on them, all kinds of birds can be seen
Trees say, "Home is ready"
To the woodpecker, the crow and the squirrel
And too, they spread the dinner table
To other small animals in this world
Trees say in summer," yourself
For God has increased my leaves
Sit for awhile, in the shade of my bough
And listen to the varied melodies
Trees say in the fall, "Watch me as I change"
My head dress from green to gold
Stop and take a look at God's beauty
That with words, can hardly be told
Trees say of age "Be graceful"
It's surely to happen to you
So take your stride one time
This one thing that all created can do
Trees say, "Bend in the whirlwinds"
Bend, but don't be intimidated by the blast
Trees say, "Sway with the hurricanes"
Knowing that as other things in this life
These..., too,... will pass...

12-6-98 2:17 A.M.-2:45 A.M.

I dreamed I played the part of a lady dying
She was sad, 0 so sad, you see
Everyone was standing around sighing
Not knowing how to help, face this misery

She touched the soft faces of those around her            
Wiped their tears, as she searched for a smile                    
She hugged them close, feeling their warmth              
Wanting to stay longer,... just a little while

Her heart was heavy, just thinking,
Of crossing to the unknown
The doctors had firmly told her,
That soon she would be gone

Her time was running out
She knew she couldn't turn it back
Go she must, the time had come
There wasn't even a need to pack

Reaching out her hands,
She caress them, one and all
I must go now, she softly said
With haste, I must answer God's call

Anxiously, my soul hungers
To ease from the walls of my chest
To be at peace, to be fear free
To be at home and at rest

She took one lingering look
Eyes filled with gentle love
Then turned her face toward her new home
Pass the the heavens... above

Slowly, she closed her eyes
Her soul, at last, made it's escape
It slipped, quietly through the bars of life  
And on up to heaven's gate

With a start, I awoke from my dream
My heart in a terrible fright
That lady, I thought to myself, could be Could be me,
could be,...just might

I went to my kitchen, my thoughts in a spin
A whirling and twirling around
Join paper to pen, my mind kept pounding
Write it down!, write it down!, all down!

12-9-98        3:37 P.M.- 4:31 P.M.

The very act of living this life
The one that God has given you
Really boggles the imagination, sometimes
Testing your ability to follow through
To do the things the Father asks
Love, honor and kind words...say
Not even considering tomorrow
Just doing it for today
We, at times fail miserably
Our weakness, like mountains, stand
Let's not despair, but say to ourselves
I've got to lay this in God's hands
Let's make up our minds to lay in God's hands
All our wants, our desires, our cares
Let's fall on our knees, and petition Him
And wait with patience, for Him there
If friends betray us, or let us down
Leaving us hurt and sad
Let's turn our discomforts over to Jesus
He'll restore the joy that we had
Facing up to the adversities of life
Is one challenge that's sure to come along
Let's lay it all in the hands of Jesus
He'll help us stand firm and be strong
Accept the fact that there is a difference
Between our dreams and God's plans
Let's humbly submit our will to God's way
Obeying with love, His commands
Should we face serious illness or death
Let's not moan and wail
But rather seek comfort at the hands of God
Cause, surely He will never fail
Let's look with confidence, toward heaven
The place where the throne of God stands
Let's seek to secure a place for our souls
By laying our all, in God's hands

LOVE 12-09-98 2:30

Sitting in church the other day,
I heard the preacher say
Without love, your life means nothing,
your time is wasting away
He then went on to explain himself,
making clear just what he did mean
He said "Love is doing what needs to be done
And not doing it just to be seen
Love gives a hug for no reason at all
Just to make someone feel better
It's done with no attachments involved
And to don't become a debtor
Love is not all puffed up and proud
Prancing and strutting around
It performs the task, with a heart joy filled
lifting you up, not you putting down
Love suffers long and puts up with
And has the ability to endure
Then there's the love t hat's opened minded
In a heart, that's patient and sure
Love bares and believes all things
With a hope that just won't die
Rejoices in the times that are good
And is sadden, on days when you cry
Love is filled with compassion
Honor and ways that are kind
It banishes thoughts of unjust evil
From the dust laden corners of your mind
Love holds up, under duress
Justly balancing the emotional scale
Making free, the heart now confident
Sure in the knowledge, that love doesn't fail
Now, there are other things that are precious and great
But, on this matter, I'm sure we'll agree
When it comes to passing the test of time
Love... claims... the... victory!

12-13-98...5:48 P.M.-6:50 P.M.

A friend and I were talking, and
One thing he said was very profound
It struck me in an unusual way
And I just had to write it down

He said, "Every day is a holiday"
"And every other day is a feast"
It really challenge the thoughts in my mind
The great ones, and even the least

I said to myself, 'What can he mean"
Whatever was in his mind!
Holidays are joy filled and festive
How can he, in all of his days, find

I thought and thought on this matter                                   
And took inventory of my day
And you know, I found God had
blessed me in a large and majestic way

He helped me keep my temper,
Hold my tongue, keep my cool
He gave me an outstanding victory,
Over the sins that wanted to rule

This made my day a holiday
For truly it was joy filled
The feast came later, as I thought on it
In a moment as I sat quiet and still

He gave me success another day                                  
Allowed me to do the things I needed to do                              
I then realized that this was a holiday                                  
And a feast to be enjoyed,..too

One day it occurred to me, that I have things
That I want, some in abundance
God has stepped in, intervening in my life
And this was no ordinary occurrence

He has opened doors, made unheard of ways
On me, His mercy He poured
Again I saw this as my holiday
My feasting of hope, restored

Every day is a holiday
And every other day can be a feast
When we realize that the joys and success of each day
Comes down from the God of peace

3-28-99 6:30 P.M. -6:35 P.M.

Without water I should be soiled
Dirty as the insides of a pit
Without the cleansing agent, Christ's blood
I should be an outcast, I would be unfit

Thank you Jesus for your love,
All that you've done for me
Your blood that I met, when plunged into the water
Purged my heart, set my soul free

                 DON’T QUIT
12-31-98 6:05-6:45 A.M.

      Traveling down the pathway of life
You'll face many twist, detours and curves  
Sometimes, with joy, you'll press toward the mark
Other the will swerve

     Your ability to stay focus will be tested
Tough decisions, you'll sometimes have to make
On "Should I's," and "Must I's," time invested
Putting your peace and livelihood at stake

The time then comes, to find a private place
Think things through, as quietly you sit
       Then off you go, on the move again
   Starting over, cause you don't dare quit

    Even when things look dark and gloomy
     Each moment, filling itself with dread
Be confident in knowing that Jesus is with you
   And with steadiness, keep forging ahead

    Commit yourself to right doing
    Look not to the left or the right
      Your goal, you just keep on pursuing
Pressing on toward the small glimmer of light
        Keep praying, for God has the answer
      This one thing, in your mind...admit
     And no matter the grim circumstances
  To yourself, just keep saying, "I can't quit!"

4:15 A.M. 5:~ A.M. 6-11-99

Off to the library to do final research
Science project tomorrow is due
Pick up a book on " What If and What For"
And you've got an English outline        too

Staying steadfast and focus
Was the greatest challenge for you
But, knowing what you wanted, destiny in mind
Kept your goal up ahead and in view

Called your mom, frantic at times
Needing money for books and things
She was always there with support and purse
Her encouragement made your heart sing

At times your body failed you
Sickness invaded your space
But you were locked in, committed, on course
Not about to give up on this race

And because your priorities were in order
God directing your spiritual and physical state
You've reached the ultimate consequences of choice
So march proudly as you graduate

Step firmly up to the podium
To receive your diploma, your certificate
Walk back to your seat, looking toward your future
And with great expectations,....
Through opportunity's gate

4:35 A.M. - 6-19-99 11:55 A.M. 6-21-99

Finally! the great day has arrived
One of the many,... most important to you
A beautiful and truly unsurpassed day
Fixed as only God can do
The dream to succeed was unrelenting
The study hour days... seemed long
The grueling demands, sometimes tormenting
But the desire to finish, consistently drove you on
The hunger to tread uncharted waters
Never afore in your life been crossed
Ready you are, to start filling life's orders
You've paid the price counted up the cost
A word of advice as you reach toward the future
Some things to think on, some things to do
Great plans and choice you now must nurture
The outcome depending solely on you
Keep in mind your teachers and professors
The good things, sometimes strange things they said
Given assignments, piled high on the dressers
Surely they though their class was the only one you had
Opportunities are unlimited, there're places you've not been
So decisions unbound must be chosen with care
Approach with assurance, striving to make things happen
Doing it yourself, when you can't find it elsewhere
Accept and acknowledge your milestones
They are just wedges to your future's door
Remain on course, steadfast, dedicated
Remove doubt's clasp, and let your hopes soar
Praise the Lord!... At last you've made it!
Walk proud... Back straight... Your head held high
Say to yourself ''This opportunity I captured"
"I clutched it, I seized it, Didn't let it slip by"
Strive to store up in your mind
A vivid memory
Of the moment you walked across the stage
To receive your diploma... your hard earned degree

8:15 - 8"27 A.M. 5-8-2000

God delights in a soul that will trust
Without questioning,...grumbling or making a fuss

God delights in a heart that is humble
One that takes care not to cause others to stumble

God delights in a mind that obeys
All that He asks, all that He says
Hands that are holy, brings Him much joy                   
For they seek to do good, not evil employ

Feet that run to tell the" Good News"
Spreading the freedom found in His truths

Are steps that only He could have ordered
You'll find them on inspired pages recorded
A confidence that's firm brings Him much pleasure
For no shadow of doubting can be found in this treasure

God delights in a soul that will trust
Without questioning, or grumbling or making a fuss

7:35- 7:40 P.M. 3-2-2000

I bowed my head and began to say
Help me grow oh Lord today
I opened my heart, my love grew strong                                     I
learned to laugh, my inner light came on

I committed my life to a king who's royal
Humbly submissive, my allegiance loyal
I bowed my head again to say
Thank you Lord for growth today

6:30 -6:45 P.M. 5-22-2000

In time of trouble be still and hear
A small quiet voice, saying have no fear
When turmoil arise, it says rest my child
Under my tree boughs, just a little while
When anxiety or'e take you and you just want to run
Know that hope is found in God's dear Son
When it seems life's journey takes all that you can do
Feast on God's word, it will nourish you
Calamity will come, your peace from you tear
Hear this small still voice saying
Be at peace…..        for Jesus is near
And because of this you need not fear

3-23-2000  3:ID- 3:43 P.M.

If you started on life's journey,
And realized that you're were without God
Let me plead with you to consider,
Tis a dangerous path you trod

Because God is your protection,
He's your shield against all sin
Without Him, there can be no victory
Q're the Tempter's tactics you cannot win

If your journey doesn't include Jesus
You're headed straight for that old deceiver's yard You're
overlooking the blood bought, sure way
Choosing rather, to blunder along without God

When you decided to journey without Jesus                
You gamble loosely with your precious gift
You take a chance with old crafty Satan
He's your adversary! your soul he will sift!

Beware!... Take care!... as you start your journey
Alert and cautious as you go on your way
Decide at once to take God with you
Ask Him to guide you throughout your day

4-17-2000 9:25 - 10-.26

Last night I slept as one that was dead
Visions of all kinds, skipped through my head
At the appointed time, the finger of God touched me
"Wake up" my father said, a day has been prepared for thee

I spent the early moments, thanking Him
For the chance He'd given me to right my wrongs
I'd been given an opportunity to praise Him,
in the midst of all that's going on

Mentally I checked my body,
my arms, my legs, my hands
Inwardly I checked my heart,
where in my thoughts does Jesus stand

Thanksgivings immediately sprang to my lips                     
For the things that God had done
I thanked Him for the presence of His son Jesus
And for my family and my loved ones

I praised, my heavenly Father
For His mercy and for His grace
And I pleaded for unwarranted forgiveness
As I lay quietly in my place

"Take God with you" breathed my soul                                  
As you prepare to start this day
Submit your will to His love and guidance
And with this assurance go on your way   

Nothing in life is without a price
This is the one thing that you will find
So stretch forth your hand to help some other
The reward...unspeakable,...a legacy left behind

Diploma in hand, descend the stage
With confidence walk toward your seat
Say to yourself" With God's grace I've made it"
Then with quietness life's drum... rolls and beat

FRIEND SEARCH 3:26 P.M. -3:48 P.M.

I sat alone on yesterday, truly I felt troubled in mind I
searched through my memory for a friend to call And I tell
you, not one could I find

My heart longed to tell it's thoughts
To empty itself of it's cares
But silence echoed from my blank empty walls
No listening ear, to be found anywhere

Sadness creped slowly up my spine
Gloom's cloud, darkening all that I might say
I cried to the Lord, "Please, please help me"
Find some brightness on this long dreary way

My day was most lost, couldn't pull myself up                 
When a small voice whispered to me
Jesus has said in the long ago
"I'll never forsake you, I won't leave thee"

Rugged days will come again, I know
But I've found the strength to go on
A glimmer of hope in the mist of my sadness
I know now, I'm never alone!

BY ROSETTA POSEY SCOTT 1-18-99 7:26 P.M.-8:11 P.M.

Here I sit at my table,
By the noise of silence, I'm held in a trance
The stillness, so loud, it jangled my nerves
As, at aloneness I took a long glance

I bowed my head and quietly prayed
To the Father, God up above
"Please send someone to fill this emptiness"
Be a companion, someone to love

Tears sprang to the comer of my eyes
As I considered my sad bleak state
Thoughts of all kinds, chased through my mind
As alone I sit and I wait

"Open the gate!", my heart cries out
O...let me tread happiness road
Let me skip on the trail, where joy doth prevail
Lose from me, the loneliness load

Let bubbling springs of songs and laughter
Burst forth from walls, now dammed
Let me taste of the life that my soul longs after Set me free
from the wretch that I am

What to do, when to do it, where must I turn
Who is it that I can go to
What is the answer, please someone...
Tell me what it is I must do!

Alone, alone, whispers the silence
Over and over again
Silence, silence the aloneness whispers
Where're will it lead to, where will it end

Here I sit at my table, need weighing me down
A solution to this lingering dilemma
I admit, that as yet, I've not found

My heart longs to soar and find safe lodging                   
In a place that's hope filled you see
A place where life blooms like flowers in spring
And bleak days no longer house me

Here I sit at my table,
Gripped in this silent, noiseless trance
The stillness so loud, it jangles my nerves
And again, I give loneliness a long glance

1-21-99 8:11  TIME SIGNS
A.M.- 8:58 A.M.

That I've aged is now certain, the signs are all there
Made known to me all through the day
From my bed, slow rising, upper back pain
Hair once black, now gray
Look at the clock to see the time
Can't do it, eyes have grown dim
Put on my glasses to bring things into view
Can't remember where I just laid them
Hands won't bend, they've stiffen up
Knees aching from work they had to do
Feet sore and throbbing from the load they carry
Nothing helps, not even a good shoe
Walk down the hall, to do something important
Forget it before I get there
Go outside to start up the car
Can't find my keys anywhere
Look for a paper, allover the house
Just to find it lying on the table
Do something simple, like trimming the shrubs
My shoulder renders me unable
Talking with friends, hold a conversation
I lose my chain of thought
See someone I know, stop to say hello
But their name, to my mind can't be brought
Clothes color choices, have changed rather drastic  
I now like them flashy and bright
Cause the mute drab shades, I once sought after
I fear..., They'll make me fade into the night
After sitting in my chair, to write for awhile
Getting up becomes a real challenge
Once standing up, taking that first step
Is the next thing that I have to manage
Can't stand loud noises, TV, radio
They all talk to loud
Hate being alone, all by myself
Anxiety overtakes me in a crowd
Muscles now sagging, it's hard to believe
But true, and I can't suck them up
Teeth that are even and enhance my smile
Must be soaked, every night in a cup
There's more to this tirade, I could go on
But you get what it is that I say
To age is certain, the signs are all there
Made known to us every day

BY ROSETTA POSEY SCOTT 10-15-99 7:20 A.M.- 8:35 A.M.

Once it was said of the long ago
There stood a Smith's shop
His flame all aglow

Within, were three heaps of tools in the shed                  
Some lay on the floor, some heated hot, even red

In one pile were the rejects, rusted and broke
Shovels without handles, wheels missing a spoke
They all seemed quite useless, as forelong they lay
In a damp, dark comer, in the back,... out of the way

In the middle of the work table, lay tools waiting for repair
Some in pretty bad shape, but their outlook was fair

In another stack were plow shears, covered and crusted
with mud Other tools, heads missing, from a hard an
unusual thud

Now at the fire stood the Smith, in a neat row lay his tools
Hammers, thongs, and anvils, among the things he would use

He took the heated pieces, one at a time
He molded and he shaped them, their appearance he did

He then went to the repair pile, with a set goal on his face
Some of the tools he just cleaned up,
Others,... damaged parts he replaced

Steady on he worked, the job at last was done
The finished,, stood gleaming in the sun
Their handles were fitted and firm,
Their heads no longer loose
Per-fected they were as they stood there,
Ready for the master's use

The Smith then walked over to the pile of rejects
That lay discarded, in the dust of neglect
He picked up a piece, held it high in the air
Smiled and said to himself This I can repair! "

With piece in hand, he walked back to his work space           
A determined goal was written on his face
Again at his table, tools in his hand
Pounding and molding, making it useful again

Now this Smith's not a smith, but a watchman instead
The four heaps are descriptive of your life up ahead
Look in on yourself, in the quiet, for awhile
Question and determine where you are, in which pile

Are you in rejects comer, covered with dust, an eye sore Or...
are you in repairs pile, in the middle of the floor

Have you been through the flame, heated up, ready for mole
Or... are you the finish product,
A "Ready for use" sign holding

If you're struggling for life's answer
At the Smith's shop you just start
The answers will come to you and you'll know it in your heart
You might go in all mangled, your soul in a noose
But you can come out renewed....
Ready for the master's use!

11-12-99 11:40 12:45 NOON

Just now I heard the lion roar
And I tell ya, it got my attention
My thoughts tuned in, put my sense on alert
Soul piercing... the depth of it's incision

Quickly, I took a spiritual check,
To see... at once... where I stood
As I measured myself by the words of God's book
I tell ya, things didn’t look to good

Immediately I started to work on myself
Trying to set my life aright
You see, I'd taken an inward look
And knew I was in for fight

Thank God I heard the lion roar
As I stumbled down passive's road
It got me off the path of stagnation
And put me in the active mode

The lion's roar was the voice of Jesus
Speaking URGENTLY to my error crusted soul
" Don't give in to this fight against sin"
"To heaven's hope firmly keep your hold"

At last there came the end of my day
My faith's increase did soar
Finally on line, a sure goal in mind
Cause I'd heard the Lion's roar

4:13- 5:09 P.M.

Daily I struggle with the forces of sin
Satin's ever present, tempting my heart to give in
But my soul is precious, a gift my God from Thee
So I humbly plead, Lord, lay your hands on me

Distress at times surround me and I cannot see
How to clutch your hand that's reaching out to me
I then recall Love hanging there on Calvary’s tree
And my soul cries out, Lord lay your hands on me

When it seems I'm beaten and my hope's cast down             
And old Satan's laughing cause he's gaining ground              
Lift me up and with my voice I'll give a shout!
God's laid His hands upon me, in this I have no doubt

Lay your hands on me Lord, lay your hands on me
From this cauldron of sin Lord, set my soul firmly free
Lay your hands on me Lord, lay your hands on me
Sweet peace at last! and or'e this sin a victory!

6:37 P.M.-10:02 P.M. 11-24-99

A new year has begun and fondly I ponder
O're sun kissed days, star lit nights, rain, and thunder And as
the events of life slip quietly to the past
There is sometimes, disappointment, but it doesn't last

So I say to myself, "On us God has truly smiled"
He has lovingly protected us in this place all the while With a
soft, gentle voice, He has blessed our days Keeping hurt,
harm and danger in checked and at bay

With His goodness in mind, on His strong arm let's lean
Believing in his power, that's all around to be seen

There are lives that's been changed
Through His mercy, through His grace
By His loving son, Jesus, who stood in our place

With songs of praise, we lift his name toward the sky
For the love that was shown us
When on the cross, He chose to die

A love such as this, should make our heart's rejoice     He's
cleanse us! He's freed us! He's given us a choice

Now we know that our God, has given us
More than we deserve
So, all our allegiance is to Him
It's He alone that we will serve

Now these words of encouragement
Is God's invitation to you
To take part in His banquet of praising,.. and singing... fellow shipping...too

5-20-2000 12:30 -1:00 P.M.

Open your heart, swing wide the door
Give of yourself, not little, but more
Let love persuade your desire to share
From your soul's depth, show that you care

Give, expecting nothing back
Jesus will readily replace your slack
Give to bless some other life's need
Let joy and compassion be the foundation of your deed

Be happy about your God given chance
To give to someone an enlighten glance
At God, their father who lives up above
Who gave out of the abundance of His love

Be the deliverer of bundles of praise                            
Seek opportunities, search for God's ways                     
Do it and go on, your father sees you                           
He's keeping a record of all that you do

Remove the reigns, let your love abound
Encourage others, lift them up from the ground
Take time to help them reach perfection
Giving is obeying, reaping God's protection

MS. Rosetta Posey Scott was born in Ocala, Florida
January 03, 1945.  Having moved around a bit, her family
finally settled in Valdosta, Georgia.  Ms. Scott graduated
from Pinevale High School in Valdosta in 1963 and started a
family of her own.  She is the mother of five children:  Willie
James, Carl, Sharon, Karen, and Melissa.

The family has grown to include eleven grand children:  
Jerod, Jamal, Racquel, Ruben, Tracelyn, Ashley, Joshua,
Justin, Jevon, Karlton, and Marcus.  Poetry has been in her
make-up since high school, and most verses stem from the
experience and challenges of life that she has faced.