Columnist Freddie L. Sirmans,
Sr. Comments on current events.
Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 30, 2005
I.  Shake, shake, shake, wake up.
I'm going to say something I shouldn't say and would be better off leaving it alone, but shock
effect or whatever it takes America needs to wake up.  I'm going to say something super
extreme even something like out of science fiction.  It's going to be something Christianity
needs to sit up and take note of.   It's going to be something that is already to some extent
being played out on the world's stage.  

That something in my view is: "Islam may take over western civilization by default." It could
never take it by force.  Whoa!  My God!  What an Idiotic thing to say, you must be insane.  
Calm down, calm down now, there is a logical reason I said that.  The reason I said that is
because I believe the only thing that can save western civilization at this late stage is western
governments must be privatized out of their super family provider role, which, I don't believe
will ever happen.  

I don't believe nothing else will save us.  Today, any things goes and there is almost no
respect for authority in most of our young.  The prison are overflowing because of very little
instilled self restraint and self discipline.  Our nuclear family system and strong moral value
system  are shot all to hell.  Struggle and problems is part of life and would be the least of my
worries if we had a strong nuclear family system.   

With a strong nuclear family system in place a nation can survive almost anything, otherwise
it can't survive when hard times come.  That is why I preach, stump, yell, cry, turn flips, and
yes, try to shock you awake.  The economy is so out of balanced that there is no way we can
survive much longer with government as a super provider.  The liberals and people with little
wisdom think I'm negative, extreme, crazy, nutty, out of touch, right wing, and on and on.  

They may be partial right, I may be all of the above to some degree.   But, the real problem
may be that I'm cursed with great wisdom and can easily see the Indelible hand writing on the
wall.  Sure, I may be going somewhat overboard but it's best to be safe than sorry.  To those
that read this, please forgive me if I'm going nutty right before your eyes.  This is the only
country that I know and love so help me God.  

Sure, the liberals love this country as much as I do in their own way, but they are shallow and
don't know it.  They are trying to brand others as extremists and right wingers when their do
good feel good policies has all but destroyed our culture.  Unknowingly they and big media
will deliver the coup de grace to this country unless radical steps are taken.  It's time for  
those with the wisdom and the power to grab the reins before we all go over the cliff.  May the
grace of God be with us.

Updated July 03, 2005
II.  Can the USA survive hard times?
I believe the greatest threat of all to our survival that started with the new deal is the
questionable ability to feed ourselves in time of an extended crisis.  All of this importing and
big centralized factory farming is a proven long term failure like in former soviet union.  The
environment can't handle that much waste in one location, plus it takes a lot of fuel made
from oil to transport the food to the consumer.

Many,many small farmers and home gardeners is the only guaranteed way to survive when
hard times come for the simple reason the food is not so far away from the consumers.
Sooner or later hard times will come is a law of nature.  To be honest I don't think we can feed
ourselves through an extended calamity or severe crisis, but I hope I'm wrong.  May the grace
of God be with us.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 23, 2005
I. Is our survivor line blurred?
The politicians of old would fight like cats and dogs.  But, they had deep wisdom and would
never cross that line and place self-interest above the country's survival.  Not so today, in my
view what is lacking is the wisdom, I don't think many liberals realize that there is a line.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 16, 2005
I.  Does big media have a socialist agenda?
Folks, I'm just a writer and I keep my own counsel.  All I know is what I see on the TV. News
and what I read in the newspaper.  But, I have enough common sense to know that this
country runs on oil.  Oil and the things that are made from oil is the economy, period.  I hear
this talk of weak knees wanting to buckle or cut and run.  Wake up America, put two and two
together, the vehicles we drive won't run without gas made from oil.  

To put it bluntly, we as a nation can't survive without our overseas supply of oil, period.  If we
cut and run and our overseas supply of oil is disrupted then we can't feed ourselves, the
economy will collapse and we will be doomed.  The fact is, we have people that all they know
is to blame and complain and don't have the slightest idea what the true facts are.  Expecting
big media to inform and educate the public step by step on the role oil plays in our survival is
a lost cause today.  

They are too busy standing on the sideline as a cheer leading squad wanting drama and
conflict to hype and cheer on their partisan agenda.  While the country is falling down all
around us, there they are obviously defending a socialist agenda in the form of our huge
welfare state.  I don't know?  Who knows?  Maybe they are just plain shallow from lack of any
hardship and struggle in their life and can't see the forest for the trees.  Lord help us.

PS: Of course, not all news people or news outlets fit this description.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 15, 2005
I.  Where is the wisdom?
Contrary to what many may think, no one is born with great wisdom.  Great wisdom is a
survival intuition mechanism.  Great wisdom can only be acquired through great struggle or
great suffering.  Great wisdom is actually a byproduct of ones physical or mental struggle to
survive.  Others can see ones physical struggle, but ones internal mental struggles may
never be known by others.  Like the old Negro spiritual, "Nobody knows the trouble I see,
nobody knows my sorrow."  

To some, the greatest battle of all is within.  One of the results of our welfare state is there are
not enough people with hardly any wisdom at all.  Today, many in high places can't see past
their noses.  Today, we have many with the gift of gab spouting empty rhetoric and thinking
what they say is the gospel.  Just the daily struggle to survive gave the founding fathers
more wisdom in their little finger than most of us today have in brain power.  Lord help us.

II.  What makes a saint?
I can't remember the name of the movie I saw many years ago about a group of nuns.  I will
never forget that there was a push to make one of the younger nuns a saint or something to
that effect because of her goodness and dedication.  But, the older head nun believed that
no one deserved to be a saint that had not experienced great suffering.  She believed that the
younger nun had never endured hardly any suffering.  

So, during the whole movie she fought madly against awarding the younger nun any
sainthood.  A good friend knew that the younger nun had actually endured great suffering
and asked her to tell the head nun, but the younger nun refused.  Somehow, I can't
remember, right at the end of the movie the head nun found out the younger nun had
concealed a very painful ailment for many years.  

The head nun was overwhelmed and cried out, "surely this sister truly deserves to be a
saint," and the movie ends.  As always, tears were in my eyes.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 04, 2005
I.  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.
To all of you folks complaining that we can't get the government to take a stand against
illegal immigration or the destruction of traditional values, you got your priorities all
backward.  The fact is we as voting tax paying citizens are no longer calling the shots like in
the days of old.  In seventy years the liberals with their free tax payer giveaways have
reduced the general publics proud independent frontier like spirit to a nation of do-for-me

Layer by layer the liberals to buy votes have created  this great white father super provider
government we have today.  In the process tax paying citizens have lost their power and
right to call the shots.  The real power to call the shots is always in the hands of whomever
controls the family provider role.  The family provider role is now firmly in the control of big
government, local, state, and federal, not in the control of the traditional male provider.  Now,
big government takes what it wants and doesn't have to beg the tax payers like in the days of

This government and constitution was designed for government to be dependent on the
people for its financial survival, not the other way around with the people dependent on the
government for their own financial survival.  The voting public must be willing to elect people
who will privatise big government out of its provider role, otherwise, I say, just shut the hell
up and keep on dancing to the tune.  Ain't nothing gonna change because big government is
going to first look out for its own self interest and consolidate its power to keep calling the
shots, period.  

Today, the 10th amendment to the US Constitution is marked N/A (not applicable).  All of the
complaining and other stuff are like whistling Dixie or spitting against the wind.  "Just the
facts ma'am, just the facts."  You have the right to disagree with what I've said.  Yes, I said
some shocking things, but they needed to be said.  Glory be to God.  Amen.   
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  June 02, 2005
I.  "Play it again Sam."
Deep throat, who cares?  Get a grip.  Western civilization has almost no nuclear family
foundation left and is on the brink of extinction and here the media are hyping bygone
wounds.  This is a new day, we have western civilization to save.  What are we going to do
when this global economy collapses?   A wise start is to read the works of Freddie L.
Sirmans, Sr.  Glory be to God.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 27, 2005
I.  "When to hold them, when to fold them."  
In my sixty two years of experience I've found no matter how bad it may be, it is still best to
face the music come hell or high waters.  Most of the time you win, but some time you lose.  
"No guts, no glory.  Stay the course.  Keep the faith.  Keep on keeping on.  There is light at
the end of the tunnel.  The darkest time is just before dawn.  Quitters don't win and winner
don't quit.  If you don't stand for something you can fall for anything.  Glory be to God."
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 24, 2005
I.  The filibuster cannot survive.
The senate will end up just like the house because it has become just as politicised.  The
senate was designed to be an appointed body.  It was designed for two senators to be
appointed from each state to deter politicization from the ebb and flow of self-interest groups.
Sure, there were power struggles within the individual states on who would be appointed,
but nothing compared to what we have now on a national scale.  

If senators were still appointed they wouldn't have to raise money for re-elections, cater to
lobbyist, or pay attention to special interest groups.  Plus, those were the days before we had
a big government super provider.  It mattered very little if they filibustered the entire few
months they met each year because hardly anybody was dependent on the government for
anything.  Today, things are vastly different.   

Note: Today what is even more politicised is the judicial confirmation process.  The
constitution and judicial qualification have taken a back seat to self interest political power.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 21, 2005
I.  A cold reality Check.
Sacrificing and serving ones country is a duty.  In my view our government can no longer
afford its cradle to grave super provider role.  By the same token I don't believe our
government can afford an all volunteer force large enough to protect this country and
worldwide interest, especially with enough desired blue chipper recruits.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 12, 2005
I.  Negotiate what?
The United States constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Either vote or get off the pot.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 06, 2005
I. The immigration symptom.
I get so sick and tired of people thinking the immigration problem can be solved with quick
fixes.  The immigration problem is actually a symptom not the cause.  The cause of the
immigration problem is our welfare state.  In my view it is a foregone conclusion the United
States and most of western Europe is down the tube unless they privatise out of their super
family provider role.  Nothing else is going to restore strong values and the nuclear family
system to survive hard times.  

Otherwise, when hard times hit people are going to be at each others throat, they are going to
be rioting in the streets, it going to be the survival of the meanest and the baddest.  
Government as a super provider has conditioned the masses to be dependent on
government as the great provider and savior instead of believing in individual accountability.  
When faced with hunger and other survival threats a society without a strong value and
nuclear family system cannot be controlled, except with the gun, period.  

Folks, my role is only to warn, ain't nobody listing, but, it is a lot later than we think.  Sure, you
may disagree, but you can't logical prove me wrong.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 05, 2005
I.  Humor is the spice of life.
People with no sense of humor are no fun and is in fantasy land.  Plus, they can't be trusted
because they have trouble separating the real from the unreal.  If one can't take a joke, F...
him and the horse he rode in on (just joking y'all).
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans,Sr.  May 05, 2005
I. William E. B. Du bois versus Booker T. Washington.
The old Du bois versus Booker T. Washington two schools of thought still haven't been
settled and probably never will.  Washington believed that African Americans should take the
self reliance route and focus first on learning the basic trade vocations to feed and control
their own destiny.  He didn't put a priority on integration.

On the other hand, Du bois disagreed openly with Washington and believed that African
Americans should not be limited in anyway.  Du bois believed that blacks should go the full
integration route and focus on the best education possibly.  In my view the Du bois way was
the right way in theory and it won out on the course blacks should take even to today.  But,
as any scientist will tell you what works in theory doesn't necessarily work in practice.  

In almost all cases for any race to improve overall it must be pulled up from the top because
those are the ones with the education and resources to make it happen.  For many races
there are no color differences, that way they can blend in and move into the mainstream very
easily, no problem.  But, for African Americans the norm don't work in practice.  The two main
drawbacks are color difference and African American culture.  

In my view the biggest failure to uplift African Americans have been the black elite by
deserting the black community.  Sure, crime and drugs are the excuse now, but that started
long before crime and drugs were a big problem, just remember the movie "A raising in the
sun."  I understand safety and the need for a pecking order, but blacks could establish
middle and upper class zones in or on the edge of black communities if they wanted to.  

Also, blacks should open businesses and invest back in their own communities like all other
races, but its not happening on a large scale.  I think It's something a lot deeper here that
African Americans need to face and accept.  I think African Americans as a race are still
running away from themselves and their communities.  I don't think African Americans as a
whole respect themselves unconditional as individuals and as a race with all the flaws and
blemishes, unconditionally.   

I don't think most blacks have a do-for-your-self independent mentality that will make you
respect yourself and people that look like you.  I think we as blacks need to face and accept
one another with pride and nothing to prove, flawed and scarred but as good as anybody or
any race, period.  "We don't need a ticket to ride, or to qualify, no one asked to be born, just
forgive and accept the past and move on."  

Do-for-your-self people don't worry about imaginary threats from the past or empty
symbolisms, they are too busy working to live a proud independent dignified life.  No one can
truly accept and respect you unless you first accept and respect yourself, unconditionally.  
The color different won't let blacks just blend into the mainstream  unnoticed, plus, there is
an unspoken negative stereotypical image of blacks as a whole.   

That unspoken image associates blacks as a whole with property devalue, social baggage,
crime, and a few other negative stereotypes.  Still, genes are getting through because in my
view big booties are no longer limited to African Americans.  The culture drawback is, far too
many African Americans still unconsciously believe the old black stereotype that black is
inferior (that the white man's beer is colder).  Far too many blacks still see other blacks as
competitors and the enemy in winning mainstream approval.  

For that reason we tend not to support one another as a whole in business in the black
communities like back in the nineteen forties and fifties.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  May 01, 2005
I.  It's all about control.
It is natural for everyone to want to be in control so they can control their own destiny, but
mother nature didn't design it that way.  Mother nature paired control with power.  It doesn't
necessarily have to be raw physical power, but control needs some type of power to be
effective.  An old wise saying is: "When you educate a man you educate one man, but when
you educate a woman you educate a family and future generations."  

No one determines the health of a society more than the mom's.  Men are geared primarily to
be hunter, providers, and disciplinarians.  There is something terrible wrong with a society
when most of the mom's are not staying home raising and shaping future generations, and
we wonder why the prison population is growing out of control?  I don't need a poll, I have
the wisdom to tell you why so many are going to prison.  

The primary reasons so many are going to prison are lack of respect for authority, lack of self
restraint, and lack of self discipline due to no strong man in the home.  It all starts in the
home.  Young people need to learn early when you break the rules there will be swift and
sure consequences.    
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