For a few years now I have kept up a constant drum beat to get rid of
the minimum wage entirely, to rip it up by the root and burn it to never
return. Well, almost no one understands that and can't see the logic of
my thinking on this.

The thing about the minimum wage that makes it so destructive to a free
market capitalism system is the fact that it is socialism to the core. The
truth is it gives the government almost absolute power and control over
private property and our free enterprise capitalist system of

In fact a free market place ceases to exist when any government sets
wage control over private property owners. It doesn't matter if it is one
penny or one hundred dollars you decide to pay as long as it is your
private property, the government should butt out.

That is why practical all taxes should be on real property or something
physical. Any time government controls production and distribution of
what you can do with your own private property that is flat out socialism
no matter how much they say it is free market capitalism.

In fact this whole matter of a minimum wage to me is not so much about
wages but the power it gives government to control private property
and what one can do with it. This whole big government welfare state
spins off government's ability to control private property through a
minimum wage.

The ability of government to set any wage is the true reason the growth
of government is impossible to stop. I will repeat, if this great nation is
to survive the minimum or any government wage control must be
eliminated, period.

It is very simple, I understand the inner workings of an economy as well
or better than most people. No one no matter how learned can truly
understand economic unless they understand its basics which are trade
and bartering first.

Trade and bartering kept people alive and has existed long before a
currency was invented. It is simple we don't have enough people
producing and growing at least some of their own food. Mass hunger
and starving is going to be the end result of all this worthless money the
government is printing up.

With this welfare state at this late stage and the course we are on it is
ridiculous to even consider getting out of debt, just being able to survive
as nation should be the first priority. With the course we are on we will
continue to become worse off until a total collapse occur, it is simply

My logic is with the course we are on it would be nice to plan on getting
out of debt but that is a pipe dream. We must first change course and
fight to survive at all cost. I guarantee you it is impossible to save this
great nation as a welfare state, period. And I don’t give a damn what
the learned egg heads or anyone else tells you.

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the welfare state cannot and will
not survive, period. Now, it is down to the people having to save
themselves and the nation, the government cannot and will not save this
great nation.

More tax money and bigger government will just speed up the day of
reckoning, which will be more and more worthless money until the
whole thing collapse. That is why when I tell you the minimum wage law
must go I know what I am talking about.

The elimination of the minimum wage entirely is our only hope of
surviving as a free nation.  Eliminating the minimum will set the free
market place free to work its magic and save this great nation.

Eliminating the minimum wage will break the deadly choke hold big
government and the welfare state has on free enterprise and the free
market place. Without the minimum wage, it will allow the citizens the
freedom to barter and hire each other as maids, handy man service, or
whatever to eat and survive.

As it is now with a minimum wage the average citizen can’t hire anyone
without wage control and mountains of red tape, why bother. The
people must be set free of any kind of wage control for this great nation
to survive and that is without a doubt, period.

Anyone with an ounce of economic sense knows that we can’t survive
much longer with the course we are on. Every day this nation is printing
tons of worthless money and with that going on even an idiot should
know that soon money won’t be worth the paper it is printed on.

Still, this welfare state beast we have is doing it damnest to grow more
government and create more dependents, that is insane, and don’t
belong in the real world of reality. These hoards of people will be left
with no ability to survive on their own, and to me that is a crime against

But, I have no power except my pen to try to bring some sanity to bear.
Hopefully my advice will be taken and the minimum wage will be
eliminated entirely. But, it doesn’t end there the poor and disadvantage
has to be protected.

They no longer have the nuclear and extended family umbrella that
always stood guard until the welfare state took away that survival need.
When this welfare state soon collapses they must have a lifeline.

So, when the minimum wage is completely gotten rid of the poor and
disadvantaged still must never be completely abandoned. The first order
of business is the government must establish government runs
commissaries, housing, and clinics and use tokens or script for all who

This must be done to keep guaranteed government handout money from
contaminating and destroying the free market place as it is now. That is
another reason why I know this welfare state economy can never be

What is happening with the economy now is like feeding on yourself
starting with the big toe and continuing until there is no means to
survive. We are eating our seed corn and drinking our priming water to
wash it down, my God it is sheer insanity.

You just simply cannot have a lasting free market economy with
government dumping tons of free unearned money into it. That is like
the tax paying citizens paying to drive up the cost of living on

With the use of tokens, script, of whatever means government free
unearned handout spending must be kept separated out of the free
market place.  That will stop the cost of living from inflating out of
control like what is happening now.

I try to stay away from making comments on matters like this because it
is hard for me to pull punches. But, I just had to say something and I
will make it very brief before getting into too much trouble.

All focus is on the economy and everyone seems to be ignoring the inner
fabric of this great nation, but, I'm here to tell you that the liberal’s
welfare state has almost completely destroyed the nuclear family and
eaten away at the very fabric that holds every society together.

Irresponsible parenting is at the head of the list. Behavior is a result of
what one has been conditioned to be. You can bend and shape a young
sapling but an older tree will break before it will bend.

Every one is doting on the young like it is just a love thing and it never
occurs to hardly anyone that a child is suppose to be a responsible
future meal ticket and raised accordingly. Almost every religion in the
world warns against worshiping self.

One must believe in someone or something bigger than self to keep from
becoming a world into himself. One will never take his life or the life of
others if he has self-restraint for the feelings of others. And that can be
taught, there is almost nothing innate about a human being it is all a
learned experience.

I hear people complaining all the time about not being able to enjoy a
meal at a restaurant or hear a good movie because an unruly 5 or 6 year
old is out of control.

If a parent can’t or won’t control a 5 or 6 year old and repeat 50 times
not to do that, that parent in a reverse way is actually teaching
disrespect and disobedience. Then at age 15 many of these kids is lost
forever, now whose fault is that! How can you expect someone to be
responsible when they have never been conditioned to be responsible?

As far as to gun control, the shallow minded liberals with their candy
store has all but destroyed this great nation and knows an armed
population is the only thing keeping them from making this a European
style socialist state.

They want to get rid of all guns so bad they can taste it, and any excuse
will do in their eyes. Thank God we have a second amendment standing
guard over individual freedom in America.

Let me shut the hell up I have said too much already. PS: I think almost
every social ill we have today can be traced to our liberal induced
welfare state, period. I'm out of here.

I have tried to forget about my no "Minimum wage" crusade by thinking
it will never happen. I have also thought about my continuing to write
and why it seems like a waste of my time. But, it is like some invisible
force that drives me to plod on, I'm not making hardly any money at
writing, yet, like a zombie I keep marching on.

It has been said that many times when destiny selects you for a mission
it will separate you from the crowd and make you a loner. I have no
monopoly on one who has experienced a lot of pain and suffering, but I
believe I have had more than my fair share.

So many things that the average person takes for granted have been
mentally shut off to me, even if it’s just in my mind it is still just as real
to me. And almost as long as I can remember it has been that way. I
don't think it is possible to become a saint without experiencing great
pain and suffering.  The movie "The Bells of Saint Mary" showed that.

Like the old Negro spiritual says (paraphrasing), nobody knows the
trouble I see, nobody knows my sorrow. Many times pain and suffering
is an internal mental battle that can’t be seen by others but the
destructive damage is just as real.

However, the thing about pain, hardship, struggle, and suffering is it
affects people in one or two ways. In most cases it builds character and
turns one into a more caring human being or maybe even a saint. But,
with a few it turns those into the most bitter and evil human being one
can imagine.

Enough on this I must get back to my intended subject, in writing this
article I never intended to get side tracked off into all of this Saint like
stuff. It seems as if my pen just took over as character for a while and I
had to snatch it back.

Now, about me revisiting my “No minimum wage” crusade.  I truly
believe that the survival of the USA and western civilization depends on
completely getting rid of a minimum wage. If the minimum wage stays
in place I don’t believe it is possible for the USA or western civilization
to survive, period.

No matter what the egg heads in Washington come up with it is
impossible to save our welfare state. Their brains are scrambled, that is
why they are called egg heads. Hell, anyone with a basic knowledge of
economics should know that you can't get blood out of a turnip when
none is there.

That same fact applies to food, money, or anything else, yet, these egg
heads are making more and more people dependent on a well that is
without a doubt about to dry up. It is sheer madness, even an idiot
should understand that.

To continue doing something so shallow and stupid is a guarantee that
there will be mass starving and social unrest that may take civilization
all the way back to the stone age. Lord help us.

The big enemy armored divisions of World War II ran on ball bearing
and the strategy was to bomb the ball bearing factories out of existence.
Well, the welfare state and big government power to control the free
market place and private enterprise depends on having a minimum

You can’t have free enterprise or a free market place with government
setting any labor price no matter how small or large. Sure, it was done
in the name of helping the people like all social programs promised to
do, but the Minimum wage gave a small baby welfare state a foot in the
door and look at the beast we have today.  

Any kind of government price or wage control over private production
and distribution is a socialist or communist tactic and don't belong in our
free enterprise capitalist system of government, period.

Of course, with no minimum wages people will earn less, but the things
you buy would balance out and cost very little because business can
never charge more than most people which are the poor can afford.

Getting rid of the minimum wage would stop all of this taxing everything
that one can imagine, and then taxing would be limited to mostly real
property of some sort.

After completely getting rid of the minimum wage, the next thing the
government must do is protect the poor and disadvantage. And the only
way to do that without destroying the free market place is for the
government to establish government run commissaries, housing, and
clinics and use tokens or script for all who qualify.

I promise you this USA and global economy is about to blow and the
only way to bleed off the pressure is to eliminate the minimum wage,
period. Otherwise, if they keep fiddling and allow a total collapse no one
knows where it will end it may be all the way back to the Stone Age.

If the USA keep fiddling and don’t get its duck all in a row this over the
cliff thing will be just the tip of the Ice berg before total doom. I'm
telling you not to ignore my warnings because I can dissect and
understand an economy as well as anyone, just mark my words.

And another thing, these conservatives or anyone else out there that
keep advocating big cuts in spending is out of their minds, it is too late
for that.

They think they do but they don't truly understand economics. Sure, this
economy is on the brink of a total collapse, but, with the mass amount of
government dependents and debt load any drastic change in anything
will instantly trigger the coming collapse right now, and no one wants

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. am suggesting the only course to save this
great nation with freedom intact and prevent doomsday back to the
Stone Age. The first thing that must be done is void and completely get
rid of the minimum wage.

That will free up the people to save this great nation with freedom still
intact, anything else is just buying a little more time. Getting rid of the
minimum wage would allow the people themselves to save this great
nation, which they can't do now because of the minimum wage and all
kinds of government restrictions.

Big government and the welfare state can't save this great nation and
have brought it to its knees and more taxes will just allow them to
administer the coup de grace.

With no minimum wage to stop it the people can barter and hire each
other as maid, handymen, or whatever to eat and survive, which they
can’t do now without wage and every other kind of government
restriction. Soon millions will be starving sitting around waiting on
government to save them.

Eliminating the minimum wage will allow the nuclear family to rebound
and government can return to collecting taxes and protecting the
country instead of snuffing out and lording it over the free market place.

Never forget the very poor and disadvantage still need a life line, and to
keep from contaminating the free market place the government must
establish government run commissaries, housing, and clinics and use
tokens or script for those who qualify.

Sure, a change like this would be traumatic, but, freedom and the nation
would survive, whereas, anything else is still doomsday bound or just
plain wishful thinking.

I hear all of these people out here running their mouths, but, in my view
they are just repeating what someone else said or don’t have a clue as
how to dissect an economy like I can.

The weakness with the republicans is they are putting the country first
and want to do the right thing.  Whereas that is the last thing on the
minds of these dems and liberals, their first priority is to keep power by
growing government and find a way to raise taxes and blame the
resulting misery on the republicans.

I'm an independent, but that is why the republicans ought to tell them
go fly a kite because we are never going to agree to raise taxes, period.
But, doing that takes a lot of guts, and I for one am not sure the
republicans have the guts to do that.  

Besides, all of this "Lets make a deal" stuff is just a smoke screen by the
Dems and liberals. Any one with an ounce of sense should know that the
Dems and liberals are hard core tax and spenders, and never intend to
cut spending or the growth of government under any condition no
matter what they say.

There is no mystery about it growing government and doling out free
goodies is what keeps them in power. Many times I have said that
liberals were shallow and they are, but, I have never ever said that
liberals were dumb.

Why do you think they have taken over and control almost every
institution in this great free nation? Now, about this "Over the cliff"
thing, the Dems and liberals have control of the reins, they really don't
need the republicans for anything concerning this "Over the cliff" thing.

With one stroke of the pen the Dems and liberals leader can extend the
Bush tax cuts at this very moment. But, there is a problem with doing
that, doing that won't get them the tax increase and revenue they want
to grow more government.

So, what they are really after is a way to kill two birds with one stone if
they can make suckers out of the republicans. The way to do that is
through negotiations, the two birds they are trying to kill is get their tax
raise and blame it on the republicans at the same time.

They know the American public is dead set against a tax increase,
except maybe on the falsely demonized rich. They also know that they
can’t successful blame the republicans unless the republicans
themselves agree to some type of tax increase.

So, maybe if they can just keep pounding away on taxing the demonized
rich hopefully the republicans will cave and agree to some kind of tax
increase on the rich or something of the sort, and if they do. Bingo, they
got their prey, it doesn’t matter, any agreed tax increase by the
republicans should serve their purpose.

Then with their liberal cohorts in the news media everything will be
distorted, twisted, and blown way out of proportion. Now, the Bush tax
cuts will be allowed to expire and guess who agreed to a tax increase
and in their eyes is a valid blame?

Sure, they were going to end up blaming the republicans anyway but
they see an agreed tax increase as the real thing. Now all you will hear
is them mean old republicans who don’t care about the poor or anyone,
and is the reason for this big tax increase on the working people of
America and on and on. It is the same old bait and switch liberal blame
game strategy.

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