Let me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. the great self-made writer weigh in. It
was not even close in my opinion, Mitt won by a country mile. But, I
doubt the polls will move very much in his favor.

Folks, I'm a writer and I'm not running for anything now or ever, so
that leaves me free to shoot from the hip and many times I'm wrong,  
but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The reason why I don't think the polls will move very much in Mitt's
favor is because we live in a welfare state which means we have
masses upon masses of government's dependents that believe in big
government heart, body and soul.

And their one and only focus and interest are "What has government
done for me lately."  These dependents are bonded to the Democratic
Party like a child is bonded to its mother.

That means these dependents will never be swayed with reason and
logic, some where along the line an indelible stamp was put on their
brain that the republicans is the enemy. And the only thing that can
remove that stamp is to become an independent thinker.

However, no dependent thinker volunteers to become an independent
thinker they must be forced to fend for themselves to become an
independent thinker. All of that means these big government
dependents are going to emotional support and vote democratic no
matter how their candidate performs.

That is why I think it is short sighted to chase after people who will
never vote republican under no condition, instead I think they should
be pounding and pounding to no end lower taxes across the board,
more jobs, and strong national defense with no regret, anything else
create class envy.  

It is very simple, if the republicans can’t win with lower taxes “The
inmates has already taken over the asylum” anyway.  So, in the grand
scheme of things, my final analysis is what do it really matter who win
the election anyway both candidates is determine to save the welfare

In my view the welfare state is over done for and need to be buried, I
think it is impossible for the USA and western civilization to survive
unless the welfare state is abandon, period. Also, I think anyone that
thinks the welfare state can be saved can’t possible understand the free
market or economics, period.

I may be wrong about a lot of things but without a doubt in my mind I
know the welfare state can’t possible be saved. With the damaged it
has done to western civilization we will be lucky if we survive at all
without going back to the Stone Age even if we abandon it today.

Otherwise mother nature is on the brink of stepping in herself, and I
will tell you now if we don’t act now a totally economic collapse is going
to happy any day now.  Unless my super natural wisdom advice is
heeded western civilization is doomed anyway in my view.

Yes, little old me has the answer. Again here is my survival solution,
first get rid of the minimum wage entirely, rip it out by the root. Next,
establish government run commissaries, housing, and clinics and use
tokens or script for the poor, disadvantage, elderly, or whoever
qualifies for aid.

Third void all taxes except enough property tax for national defense,
interior, and the operation of government, because it is going to come
to that anyway when this economy soon totally collapse.

Forth, Government get the hell out of the free market, stay with
collecting the taxes due, protecting and defending the country, and
then the American people will save themselves and the government,
too. But, to continue with this nanny state we have no chance of
continuing to survive, period.

Hell, I know I’m not going to be taken serious, but, I’m a writer and I
writer what I think, I can’t make anyone believe or act upon anything I
write, but, believe it or not at least it is food for though. And while I’m
at it, another thing, everyone thinks the boom and bust cycle is a bad
thing, wrong.

The boom and bust cycle is a law of nature, and at some point the cycle
must be completed. I believe time has finally ran out and the bust cycle
is answering the call of nature and no matter what man does the bust
cycle is going to complete its rotation.

I think nothing man does is going to stop it; I think all we can do is
prepare to survive it. There are certain things throughout history that
only Mother Nature’s purges solved. Just look around at the USA, the
anti-survival negative forces has just grown too powerful and only
Mother Nature can bring them back under control.

Just look at the moral decay, the lack of family values, the murdering of
the innocent unborn in the womb and on and on. When all of these
negative anti-survival forces like men marring men and women marring
women and all the rest becomes the norm a country is ripe to be taken
over, there is no way in hell it can survive long term.

So, if man can’t or won’t deal with the situation, natures purges are
sure to reset the clock. It has been proven in over 6,000 years of
written history that the only way man can survive these purges of
nature is with a strong nuclear and extended family system, a strong
religious and moral code, and adequate emergency bartering capacity
with many small farmers and home gardeners.

Without these survival systems in place no civilization has ever been
known to survive. Because of the “New deal” which birthed the welfare
state, we have almost none of these survival systems left to survive
nature’s bust purge which is now coming upon us.  

Our only hope is to act now before it fully hit, then it may be too late for
the world. Lord, have mercy on the USA.

OK, lately I have kept up this constant drum beat to eliminate the
minimum wage. There is a deep reason for that, that doesn’t meet the
eye of those with little depth and perspective. To me the minimum wage
roots grow far deeper than wages and what one earns.

To me the minimum wage is the foundation and corner stone of the
welfare state. If the minimum wage was eliminated nation wide it
would be the first step back to a true free market place economy. And if
that was followed up by separating government spending from the
national economy a miracle would take place.

The problem with the USA economy is it is being used like in an incest
relationship and is feeding on it's self. You See the government itself is
what driving up consumer inflation out of sight. The government is
taking tax payers money and giving it free unearned to the poor and
others thereby driving up the cost of living on the tax payers and

Food stamps and unearned money given to some citizens by the
government flood what little left of a free market we have and
contaminates it by providing a big enough pool of payers to prevent any
reduction in prices.  

Sure, I feel as a last resort the government must help the poor and
disadvantage. But, the only way the government can help the poor and
others without destroying the free market place is by establishing
government run commissaries, housing, and clinics and using tokens or
script for those that qualify.

Doing it this way will keep government spending separated and out the
free market and prevent contamination by not driving up the cost of
living on the tax payers. It is simple you can’t have a true free market
economy with a minimum wage.

There is this false assumption that booms and busts cycles are a bad
thing. Sure, no one likes to loose money or go out of business, but
cycles are a must for survival, period. It is a law of nature that
everything must have a cycle to exist; there must be life and death to
maintain life.

Life could not be maintain with life only or death only, with life only one
thing would crowd out the universe. Man does have the ability to
manipulate and extend the economic cycle for longer periods of time,
but according to the law of nature the cycle must be completed sooner
or later.

However, to extend the life of an economy too long comes with a big
price, that price is it allows the anti-survival and negative forces in life
to become more and more powerful. There is no such a thing as
something all good or all bad. Everything is relative in some way; too
much of a good thing is bad.

So, in an economy when you don’t allow small purges like business
failures which is the bust cycle to get rid of and prevent the build up of
rot, moral decay, and inefficiency you become an enabler to the growth
of anti-survival forces. And the longer man puts off the bust cycles by
bailing out and propping up rot, decay, and inefficiency the more
drastic action must be taken.

If nature’s supreme law of natural selection have to step in then it may
mean back to the Stone Age. Right now it is too late, the USA
government will never save the economy from a total collapse, but I will
tell you what will, take my advice in this article.

Start by first eliminating the minimum wage, next separate government
spending from the free market national economy. To sum it up,
eliminate the minimum wage and get as close as possible to a true free
marker place, then the USA will survive with freedom intact.

Otherwise, the whole world may go back to the stone age. I am saying
again, and again, and again, the minimum wage must go, not lowered,
but ripped out by the root, or else.

Ok, Ok, now they are approaching the final turn going into the home
stretch to win the big November 2012 USA presidential election sweep
stake. Folks, look like its going to be a photo finish by a nose.

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. self-made great writer will give a quick
analysis on winning or losing a race like this. And at this stage it is still
too close to call, no one truly knows who the winner will be. To be fair I
must say up front that I am bias because of my conservative and in
many cases extreme views, I’m for small government and low taxes.

Now, let me delve into the meat of the subject, I think the only different
between the two horses is how fast we loses our freedom after the
election. That is because to maintain civil order we as a country must
eliminate the “Minimum wage” or turn into a dictatorship or some other
form of authoritarian rule.

I believe within the next four years they are going to finish selling off
the rest of USA sovereignty to support the welfare state.  And that is
going to cause mass uprisings that will lead to martial law and finally
dictatorship or authoritarian rule. Wow! I’m getting too far off track, let
me get back to the 2012 horse race.

I believe if the Dems win we will lose our freedom at a quick rapid fire
pace, whereas if the GOP win we will lose it at a drip by drip pace, but,
at least the latter will allow more time for a possible miracle to save our

My take is the GOP has decided to run their horse with a blank slate
strategy and use an attack and drive up the other horse’s dislike-ability.
I think it is an insane strategy, but, who knows it may really work. I
think they figure the liberal media won’t have a big target to shoot at
and they can drive up the Dems horse’s dislike-ability enough to pull of
at least a narrow victory.

Who knows they may be right. However, overall I beg the difference; I
think that strategy is just too risky. Sure, a lot of voter may vote for you
because they hates the other horse more, but in most cases that is just
not going to be enough.

So, the main flaw I see in that strategy is it is just too risky in my view,
plus, I see another reason why that is unlikely to work. In my view
when dealing with Dems and liberals you are not dealing with
reasonable and rational beings in terms of long term USA survival. They
want their government goodies now, to hell with y'all and long term
survival of the whole nation.

Sure, they are good and decent Americans and I love them dearly. But,
after years and years of socialist/liberal media indoctrination true
reality has yet to set in. There are millions upon millions that believe
government help will always be there to aid them not realizing that
there has never been and never will be a government that didn’t go
broke at some point.  

And I give this government four years at most, but, of course I pray
that I’m wrong. Back to the horse race, Even if the GOP did succeed in
their strategy, which they won’t because the liberal media will never
allow it.

But, even if they did brand the Dems horse as a terrible socialist, all
would happen is the masses of government dependents would say he is
our socialist and we know he will protect and take care of us, and prove
it with their vote. That is the facts and why I think the bland strategy is
severely flawed.

I am only writing my views and opinions, no one really knows, the
bland strategy could still hit pay dirt. My low taxes, more jobs, and
strong national defense advocacy is risky too, especially in today’s
liberal hollering high tax climate. I’m one that believe in “No guts no
glory,” Take a stand you believe in and fight tooth and nails to defend
it, some one has to lose.  

The three things I have strongly advocated has long been proven
guaranteed GOP winners, which is lower taxes, more jobs, and strong
national defense. But, in my view the GOP no longer believe in them or
doesn’t have the gut to run on them, especially lower taxes, how sad.

Hell, if the GOP can’t still win on lower taxes and more jobs, “The
inmates has already taken over the asylum, anyway,” but I don’t
believe that has actually happened, yet. Even if one loses, stand for
your beliefs, freedom means standing for what you believe in.

Washington standing tall in the boat crossing the Delaware, everyone
without a doubt knew what he was standing for. Agree or not that is my
analysis of the November 2012 big presidential horse race fixing to go
into the final stretch.

Like I’ve said before I am just a lone neurotic self-made writer with
super natural God give wisdom, what the hell do I know? So far no one
ever seems to pay any attention to a damn thing I say, still, I enjoy
writing and expressing my views. I dearly love this great country, the
only one I know.

Right now the USA has more ability to survive on it's own than any
nation on earth. In raw talent, ability, and natural resources the USA is

The problem with the USA is it has allowed the liberals and their welfare
state to get a deadly choke hold on the nation neck and we are being
strangled to death. The ultra high taxes and murdering regulations are
slowly killing this great nation. It is too late now the USA government
no longer has the wisdom or the will to save this great nation in my

The ever increasing high taxes and choking regulations will in a couple
of years make it impossible for private business to make enough profit
to survive. And the economically ignorant general public doesn't have a
clue that all government funding originates from the profit of private

So, very soon our welfare state ain't gonna have the funds to save
anyone, it is already flat broke and you can juggle the books and run
schemes but only so long. As of now the people themselves are the only
thing that can save the great USA.

They can still save the great USA by buying, selling, and maybe even
bartering with each other to feed themselves and survive, after all
people traded and bartered for thousands of years before money was

In fact the American Indian survived for centuries and never had a
currency.  To survive sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  One
must have food, shelter, and warmth to survive, then every thing else is
gravy when times get hard enough.

Going this route hopefully the government can still tax enough to
maintain security if nothing else, at this stage this is the wisest course
to take. Otherwise if we keep trying to save the welfare state I
guarantee you we will end up with a dictator or some form of
authoritarian rule, and if that happens 100 million starving to death will
be a low figure in my view.

There is no doubt in my mind if allowed to the people will take the bull
by the horns and do whatever it take to survive. The people can and will
save the great USA but there is a problem, as it is they can’t, even it
being the last chance and hope for USA survival.

You see, the “Minimum wage is standing right dab in the middle of the
way and if it is not ripped up by the root and completely eliminated it is
over for the great USA, we will be totally doomed. I have pounded and
pounded this fact to no end all to no avail everyone seems to think I’m

But, where there is a will there is always a way and I still have hope.
So, as long as there is still breath in my body I will be pounding for the
elimination of the minimum wage. Just maybe enough people will wake
up before it is too late.

Thank you God for my life, health, and strength, I am truly blessed and
have so much to live for, thank you, thank you, thank you...

I am only one man, a pitiful looking little neurotic handicap armed only
with a pen going up against this awesome almighty omnipotent welfare
state. It is just like the classic battle of David going up against Goliath
armed only with a slingshot.

I think in about four years the socialist/liberal news media is going to
be the most surprised of all. That is because they are the first ones that
must go when a dictator or an authoritarian government starts
consolidating power.

Like I’ve said before I believe the economy is going to totally collapse
within four years. That being the case I think the take over will start
with martial law, and then a dictator or some type of authoritarian
regime will emerge.

The only thing that is going to save the America economy from a totally
collapse is the complete elimination of the minimum wage, period,
nothing else can save us. Mainly because the welfare state have
destroyed any backup or safely valve to survive on like a strong nuclear
and extended family system.

The things that allowed civilization to survive for over 5,000 years like a
strong nuclear and extended family system, strong moral and family
values, and adequate emergency backup bartering capacity with many,
many small farmers and home gardeners are all almost nonexistent.

We have almost no means of surviving when the economy totally
collapses. And that is a fact that the liberals are too shallow to ever see
until people starts starving by the millions. It is completely get rid of
the minimum wage or back to the Stone Age, there is no other option.

I’m no fool I know today’s politicians will never totally eliminate the
minimum wage, still, I must never stop pounding and pounding away
because it is my destiny and duty to keep sounding the distress call,
come hell or high waters. God save America.

I know a lot of people don't understand my thinking and writing, but,
I'm not just out here free wheeling it there is a method to my insanity
or wisdom that guides me.

So, let me shine some light on what guides me. The reason I know
without a shadow of a doubt that I am right and in time will be
vindicated is because my thinking is in line with nature's supreme law
of "Natural selection."

A society must have government for the protection of the whole society,
but, pertaining to the economy government involvement and force is
the worst thing you can have. That is because force flies into the face of
nature's supreme law of "Natural selection."

The law of "Natural selection" is what controls everything and all
existence, and it is based on a survival need. If there is no survival
need for it, any and everything starts ceasing to exist. The old saying is
really true, "If you don't use it you lose it."

So, when government forces a "Minimum wage" on the people the
ability to hire people at any cost starts ceasing to exist. Even a giant
mighty oak tree didn't start big but instead started from a wee little

The "Minimum wage" must be ripped up by the root and completely
eliminated if the USA and western civilization is to have any chance of
survival. Otherwise, according to nature's supreme law of "Natural
selection" it will be impossible for the USA to survive as 57 states,
every special interest group and faction in the nation will soon be at
each others throat.

There will be no way of avoiding it, back to the Stone Age will be our
destination. I know that around 99.9 percent of the American people
think I'm insane for wanting to completely get rid of the minimum
wage, still that don't prove me wrong.

God has blessed me with this great super natural wisdom for a reason.
No matter how handicapped or seemingly unqualified I may be the
distress call must be sounded and go forth regardless, it is my destiny
and it is bigger than my well being or survival.

This whole thing is like the classic battle of good versus evil. There are
some who think my way of thinking represents evil by wanting to set
things back to when many didn't have certain rights. But, I'm not about
taking away anyone's rights I am strictly against anything of the sort.

What I am about is saving human beings and many of the old values is
what allowed civilization to survive for over 5,000 years. The nuclear
family, good moral values, and adequate bartering capacity are a must,
and without them no society can survive for very long, period.

Today in the USA every one of those three values is in almost total
ruins.  I have no bitterness towards anyone; I know I can see much
more than the average person in term of survival.

An example is like many people that have been severely injured or had
something bad happen to them, but later said they was glad it
happened because it opened their eyes, and they can now see things
that was always right before their eyes.

Folks, I try to leave certain things alone, but I just couldn't hold my
tongue any longer or I was going to pop if I didn't vent. What I am
talking about is all of this bragging by the shallow minded liberals about
saving general motors.

Well, I for one have a different opinion about that matter. In my view
liberals just simply doesn't have the depth to understand democracy or
the free market, period. Our liberal created welfare state is what has
created all these shallow minded liberals that are coming out of the
woodworks armed with unsound judgment.

The liberals have not saved general motors what they really have done
is made it another big government dependent. The very basics of
understanding life, growth, and survival, or just existence itself are to
know that you have to get rid of rot, decay, and inefficiency.

You just simply can’t have progress, growth, and long term success
without allowing failure. What government has actually done to general
motors is create another burden on the American tax payers. And from
now on it will always be a burden because its management will never
make the hard decisions to get rid of enough rot, decay, and
inefficiency to become totally independent and profitable.

Sure, it is propped up now, but this government is broke and will soon
be going under, then what? This nation has bankruptcy laws which
mean general motors would have survived, but leaner and meaner, I
think saving the unions and keeping liberal voters happy definitely was
a factor. But, instead we have a wobbly kneed colossal big government
dependent for life.

In closing, I’m just one self-made neurotic writer with an opinion, what
the hell do I know?

What do African Americans and women have in common; they both
have a very high dependency mentality. This is not intended to put
these two demographics down in any way; this is to try to understand
the why of this phenomenon.

Plus, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, it allowed African
Americans as a race to survive in a hostile environment right out of
slavery. But, this is a new day and it is time for African Americans as a
race to think as individuals and be more responsible for their own

When are Africans Americans on a wide scale going to provide more of
their own businesses to provide jobs and do more of the hiring of their
own people, cry me a river? I am retired now, but over the years I have
hired people and provided jobs.

On a mass scale what the hell survival need can a poor black man offer
a woman when uncle sugar is her Great white father provider, you tell
me. To act responsible there must be a survival need to be responsible
according to nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection.”

The welfare state has just about taken all responsibility away from the
poor black man in the African American community, and the rest of the
nation will soon follow suit. So, how can you expect someone to be
responsible when they have never been conditioned to be responsible,
you can’t logically? I totally blame the shallow minded liberals for this

As a writer I am only trying to get at the facts and wade through all of
the myths and emotionalism. I’m one that believes that almost nothing
about life is innate; it is all learned in some way. I believe a new born
baby’s brain starts off as a clean slate.

So, there must be a logical reason why 90 percent plus African
Americans as a group always vote for one political party.  It is like the
unbreakable bond between a mother and child. In my books and
writings I go deep into the reasons why African Americans think the
way they do.

But, for now I will move on to the political reality of dealing with the
said two demographics groups. If conservatives and republicans are
thinking about winning these two groups over with reason, forget it, it
ain’t gonna happen. There is an emotional bond here with the
Democratic Party that can’t be broken with no amount of reasoning.

These two groups see the Democratic Party like a child sees its
parents.  It is all about dependency versus independency. Dependency
is the nesting syndrome, and the only way to break the nesting
syndrome is to kick the dependent out of the nest, that is what the
mother eagle does.

But, for African Americans, mentally we are still in the nest and will
stay there as long as we have a welfare state. And the really sad part is
the welfare state has almost totally destroyed the African American
culture and nuclear family and is fast working on the entire nation.

And another thing, the poverty pimps are making sure that African
Americans never leave the safety of the nest. They guarantee that
African Americans won't ever be able to jettison their dependency slave

African Americans still mentally see the master’s beer as colder and if
given a choice won’t automatically support his look alike brothers and
sisters in business or otherwise.

The African American elite won’t create zones in and around an all
African American neighborhood to live but instead get as far away as
they can afford.

Sure, the excuse now is crime is the big problem but I don’t buy that for
one second as the only reason, because the movie “A raising in the sun”
showed escaping from black neighborhoods long before the welfare
state kicked the black man out of the home to create all of this crime.

I see a culture problem here, but the poverty pimps are still fighting
both tooth and nails to keep African Americans in the nest as helpless
victims, instead of taking more responsibility for our own survival come
hell of high waters.

As a race we owned and controlled far more before the welfare state
came along and destroyed the black community. My God what a sad
situation, still, I wish all people goodwill including the good intention
poverty pimps.

It is the welfare state that has created all of these dependents and if
they haven’t reached a majority yet it is only a matter of time before
they do and send us all back to the Stone Age.

I think we still have a majority in hard working tax payers and
independents that will give conservatives and republicans a political
Trifecta in November but just barely, on one condition.

That one condition is the republicans must pound and pound to no end
low taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. Otherwise, Lord
knows I hope I'm wrong, but I just don’t believe the republicans can
win it otherwise.

Myself, I am a conservative at heart but in practice I’m a realist.   

This abortion flap going around that is supposed to be so outrageous is
only a modern thing. Until within the last one hundred years an unborn
child conceived through rape was almost never killed.

In fact some believe that the child itself acts as a healing process from
a horrible traumatic event. Back then the racial element was the only
thing that guaranteed the killing of the unborn child of the rape victim
in some cases.

So, in my opinion why should a poor choice of words create all of this
ado about something the moral bankrupted liberals would like to
exploit? And all liberals are not democrats. This is the sort of thing that
can end up biting the self-righteous.  

What is freedom if a man can't defend the unborn, we have no future if
no one defends the unborn. It's no wonder social security is going
under we have killed off a whole generation of payers.

Economically speaking "What belongs to everyone belongs to no one,"
in theory, maybe not, but, in actually practice it's definitely true.

Okay, this idea that the government did it, that the roads, bridges, and
infrastructure provided the means or the individual couldn’t have done
it is shallow negative thinking in my view, but many liberals think that

That type of thinking places the cart before the horse. Government is a
necessary parasite that every society must have to provide internal and
external protection. In a free society government can’t sustain itself or
produce a profit, it survives only on what it takes in the form of profit
from what always originates from some form of private business
transaction, period.

Sure, the government got the roads, bridges, and infrastructure, but,
where the hell you think government got the seized money from to do
that? Not that I disagree, but it got the money out of the profit of many,
many struggling small businesses.

All of this anti-business propaganda is just plain economic ignorance.
They have no idea what made America the greatest and wealthiest
nation in the history of mankind.

Without the millions upon millions of small private businesses out there
making a profit there will be no profit for the government to take to
provide anything for anyone, period.

Lord have mercy on our great nation, with all of this negative anti-
business propaganda thinking out there we are going to need it.

I have pounded it to where I am almost blue in the face; conservatives
limit your message to around three things. Sure, you respond to any
and everything then its I stand by my earlier statement.

I know staying with so few things will bore the hell out of most people
but that is what you want, that is proof they are not forgetting what you
stand for.

The simple minded and many others will succumb to the course of least
resistance and grab the democrat goodies that is why the default volt
almost always goes to the democrats. And unless a conservative stand
for lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense the default volt
will carry the day in the general election most of the time.

In my view the problem with the republicans is they are out there
attacking for blood and is acting and reacting all over the map and no
one truly knows what they stand for. To hell with the other guy, the
people want to know what about you, what are you gonna do, can I
trust and depend on you.

The hard working independents and majority tax paying voters will
never desert one who pounds to no end lower taxes, more jobs, and
strong national defense. Yet, somewhere in the polling it got
republicans running away from the three things I advocate especially
lower taxes.

I say to hell with all of this polling go with your gut sometime, people
want someone who is willing to go down with what they themselves
believe in and what is right for America.

I will tell you now if you are afraid to pound away on lower taxes your
chance of winning in November are going to be slim to none and that is
nobodies fault but your own.

Well, we now know who the republican vice presidential candidate will
be and my prediction was wrong. Obviously there is going to be a new
team after November 2012, but, in my view the republicans will at least
buy a little more time before the USA and world economy collapses.
Otherwise, to keep the same team we go dictatorship or some other
authoritarian rule right away because I believe the economy will totally
collapse within three years.

The sad fact is THE WELFARE STATE can't be saved and anyone that
thinks it can is in denial. I can dissect an economy as well as anyone
and I'm telling you the days of the welfare state is over we are now
living on borrowed time.

The republicans just as the democrats are dead set on saving the
welfare state but I'm telling you the republicans will fail even worse
than the dems simply because they think they can cut the growth of
government, wrong.

It is impossible to reduce the growth of government in this welfare
state because there are too many social programs that will kick in and
increase the dole side of government, thereby growing government in a
reverse negative way. There is no need to add more details they can be
found farther down in my writing.

All I will say at this time is we must start somewhere to prevent going
back to the Stone Age. The first thing that must be done or nothing else
matters anyway because holding on to the welfare state leads only back
to the Stone Age.  

The complete elimination of the minimum wage must be done now or it
will be impossible for the USA government to survive, that is a fact,
there is not a doubt in my super mind about that. You don't have to
believe me just keep on living; the minimum wage must go, one way or
another if we are to have any chance of survival as a nation.

I pound and pound this fact and still no one wants to hear it but we all
will sooner than we think. The elimination of the minimum wage will
allow the American people to save themselves because soon the
government is not going to have the money to do so.  

The government doesn't generate any profit it is a necessary parasite
and every penny it takes in comes from some form of private business
profit. And in this anti-business atmosphere the shallow minded liberals
are trying to make it impossible for a business to make a profit.

The liberal and masses of economically ignorant government
dependents are biting the hand that feed them and the really sad part is
they don't have a clue absent the bias predominant socialist/liberal
news media. God I ask in your name, save the only home I know.
PS: All solutions on how to save the USA economy and western
civilization can be found farther down in my writing.

Only the republican presidential candidate himself, his wife, and just
maybe a very few trusted confidants knows. Still, that doesn’t stop
almost everyone from the political experts to the man on the streets
from guessing who it will be. I decided to join the crowd and participate
in the guessing game.

With nothing more to go on but my own gut feelings I’m taking a shot in
the dark and predicting the republican vice presidential candidate will
be Rick Santorum. There will be no surprises there; I think the governor
is a very, very cautious man.

Folks, I am a self-made writer and a screwed up neurotic one at that.
But, one thing I am not is a phony hypocrite. I may not be a man of
extra strong physical courage and feel overall I am too passive. Still, I
think I am a man of conviction and I try to do my best in spite of my

I said all of that to try to make a point, it is no wonder the survival of
our freedom is under attack. I feel we may lose our freedom because
fewer and fewer people are willing to standby their true convictions.
Every politician seems to be putting a finger up into the wind by means
of political polling.

The republicans had a TRIFECTA in the bag, but, I feel they stand a
good chance of losing now simply because they are too afraid to stand
up to their convictions. Instead they are putting all of their faith in all of
this extreme polling; I hope they are right for the sake of the country
and our freedom.

I really don’t have a favorite political party my only concern is who will
best hold on to our dwindling supply of freedom. Even if the republicans
do win the TRIFECTA it will only allow a little more time before nature’s
supreme law of “Natural selection” lowers the boom.

The republicans don’t need to give out a lot of details all they need to do
is just pound and pound to no end lower taxes, more jobs, and strong
national defense and nothing else. But, I believe they are afraid to
pound lower taxes, and what I say to that is when the majority of
Americans don’t want lower taxes the country is no long worth saving

If that is the case there soon won’t be any freedom left to save. We will
be a bankrupted welfare state headed back to the Stone Age. No matter
what our beliefs are we all are Americans, you don’t have to agree with
anything I write, but thank God I still have the freedom to say the
things I write.

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