In life with few exceptions the rule is: "No guts no glory, no risk no
gain." There is a simple reason why it is impossible for an economy to
work properly when government is too involved. Government acts
against the laws of nature, and especially natures' supreme law of
"Natural selection."

It's very simple; government stops and prevents the elimination of
waste, decay, and inefficiency. You can't have life, growth, or lasting
progress being bogged down with waste, decay, and inefficiency. You
see, government doesn’t adhere to supply and demand; it operates only
on force and power.

Whereas, a free market place economy with unrestrictive competition
will supply far more than any nation can use or demand. Believe it or
not, the main reason why is it does something a pure communist or
socialist system will never do.

Free competition is the stick to get rid of inefficiency, and allowing an
unlimited individual reward motivates the most power energy packed
force in our entire human makeup, that energy force is greed.

People without wisdom and perspective will never understand this but
there is no other force in our human makeup with enough motivation to
produce more jobs, food, and everything else than any one nation can

Sure, like electricity greed is very dangerous, but free competition
bridles it without forceful eliminating or shutting it down completely
like communism and socialism does. We use to have this great freedom
in the USA, but with the “New deal” and our welfare state we are well
on our way to being a communist or socialist state.

It is simple; there has never been and never will be a rich and wealthy
country with job for almost everyone without a lot of greedy rich and
wealthy entrepreneurs to make it happen. Rich people are not the same
as poor people with money, there is a world of difference in attitude.

People naturally have different talents and abilities and should always
have the same opportunity, but to always receive the same result in life
(reward) is stupid and against the laws of nature. But, generally that is
what a communist and socialist state promotes.

That is why government should never be heavily involved in the
operations of private businesses. Government is always going to
reward its friend and punish its perceived enemies. In a democracy
governments job is to collect only enough taxes to protect the nation
and the upkeep of the infrastructure, period.

It is not government’s duty to be a social and family provider from
cradle to grave. In my view government as a social and family provider
is like eating your seed corn or even more horrible eating your young.

Before the “New deal” government acting as a nanny state had never
been done on a mass scale in the history of mankind. It destroys a
nation’s culture, nuclear and extended family system, and any
emergency capacity to barter.

That is a total destruction of the foundation for human survival; western
civilization has little left of those 5,000 year pillars of support.  When
we fall no one knows where it will end, the Stone Age is not an

Still, with my great wisdom and insight I’m seen as a nut case, fool, and
a throwback to the eighteenth century that don’t know what the hell
I'm talking about. The only thing I can say about that is: I pray to God
you are right and I’m wrong. God bless the USA.
SIRMANS LOG: 15 MAY 2012, 1051 HOURS

There has never been and never will be a pure communist or socialist
state that could feed its entire people home grown without natural
resources to sell. So, to all of these economic ignorant people that hate
capitalism, rich people, and big business, be careful of what you wish
for because unless drastic changes are made you are going to get it.

Unless my deep wisdom advice is taken which the egg heads will never
do means your wish will be granted sooner than you think. The reason
is freedom and democracy demands responsibility, accountability, and
people with sound judgment, which fewer and fewer has in this great
nation today.

Soon when the boom is finally lowered there will only be two choices
left, total chaos or total authority, history has shown there will be no
compromised middle ground.

Damn, nobody is listening, my God; this dumb idea that one has to
refute every single little charge against you in a political race is just
plain nonsense. I don't think, in fact I know you can't make hateful
negative people like you no matter what you do.

I am a firm believer that if one dwell on doing what he feel is fair and
right people of decency and goodwill will accept you for who you are
and what you stand for. But, to deny and be overly concerned about
every little negative charge by liberals that only want to destroy you is
an exercise in futility.

People don't love you because you are perfect people love you because
you are human caring and decent. People got eyes, they can see
unfairness from the liberal propaganda attack machine, and they will
ignore it if the intended victim will ignore it.

It will be just like water off a ducks back if one ignores it and keep
pounding low taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. Otherwise,
if the intended victim can't ignore it then the people can't ignore it
either and will detect weakness, which is not good.

Just make only one statement to any new charge and get back to
pounding and pounding your message.

Like Nixon said, "The haters can't destroy you unless you hate them
back, then you destroy yourself." This lean and mean liberal news
media propaganda attack machine takes no conservative political

That is just the way it is in this knockout drag out battle for this nations
survival as a free nation. This is it folks, this is for all the marbles, there
will be no tomorrow for individual freedom in this great nation.

I'm in the fray folks, I don't want to be, but this is my beloved home the
only home I know. So be it, destiny is calling on my great wisdom and
SIRMANS LOG: 10 MAY 2012, 2359 HOURS

Economically wise a welfare state may be compared to an incestuous
relationship. In a normal free market place economy private enterprise
generate the profit with little to no government interference.

Through taxing the government takes off the top only a small cut
needed to protect the nation and maintain the infrastructure. That way
the economic process and everything else functions normally.

Nature's supreme law of "Natural selection" keeps all prices under
control by maintaining a balance between the merchant and the
consumer. But, in life there is always going to be people that fall
through the cracks like the poor and disadvantage.

Throughout history until the "New deal" came along the nuclear and
extended family system, the church, and community organizations
aided these people. It was not a perfect system but it was the best
system known to man for well over six thousand years.

Just like life itself it had a rebirth and death cycle known as booms and
busts. Then, here comes liberal do-gooder geniuses that think they can
take all of the risk out of life. Life can't exist without risk because there
must be someway to get rid of waste, decay, and inefficiency. They
didn't realize that nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” is based
on a survival need for anything to exist over time.

Now, we as a nation are putting all of our faith in and depending on one
super sugar daddy provider government from cradle to grave to
survive. Thereby taking away a survival need for a system that has
been around well over six thousand years, how dumb can we get?

More and more there is no survival need for the once strong nuclear and
extended family, or to have good morals and values, that is why they
are slowly ceasing out of existence.  There is no wonder why men are
marring men and women are marring women.

I could go on and on for hours on the damage the welfare state has
done to our economy, our morals, our values, and everything else we
use to hold dear.  But I will end by saying: I believe we as a nation are
sc...... ourselves incestuously. Great solution to the problem is found
throughout my writing and books, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.
SIRMANS LOG: 09 MAY 2012, 1208 HOURS

The reason I pound so hard for government to separate all of its
individual spending and get the hell completely out of the nation's free
market place is because that is the main thing killing our economy.

The stock market and all of that other stuff is just side issues.
Government involvement is what's killing the economy that is why I
stress so hard that government must start using tokens or script when
aiding the poor and disadvantage on an individual basis.

That will prevent government spending from contaminating the national
economy. Sure, we must not let people freeze and starve but the only
way government can aid the poor and disadvantage without destroying
the free market place economy is by operating its own commissaries,
housing, and clinics system with the use of tokens or script to keep that
spending separate.

The destructive system we are using now takes tax money from one
group of Americans, and then in competition against we the tax payers
gives that money to another less producing group which results in
higher and higher prices and taxes on everyone.

That is why tokens or script must be used for all government spending
that is done on an individual basis, that would keep merchants from
raising prices higher and higher on everyone, which is the reason for
the consumer inflation we have today.

The main way this contamination occurs is when government gives out
masses amounts of money on an individual basis. That infusion of mass
amount of unearned (government spending is unearned spending)
money allows merchant to raising prices higher and higher against
ourselves we the tax payers.

The government subsides price raising on everyone by giving out
masses amount of money and food stamps to the poor and
disadvantage on an individual basis, there is not enough rich and others
to support too high prices.

Without that government subsidy to the poor and disadvantage, basic
food and medical prices could never go higher than the poor could

So, instead of subsiding higher prices on everyone in helping the poor,
the poor and disadvantage can still be helped without the government
driving up prices, if only government would use tokens or script in its
own government operated support systems.

Making the government use tokens of script for all individual
government spending would stop this nonsense, as you see, economic
ignorance is staring us in the face.

So, in closing this chapter, I repeat, for this nation and our economy to
survive all government spending done on an individual basis tokens or
script must be used, period. God! I ask in you name, save our great
SIRMANS LOG: 08 MAY 2012, 0958 HOURS

Warning! Stop! Don't! For now don't cut or reduce spending or anything
else. It will only reduce the size of the pie and make everything worse
and maybe even instantly wreck the economy.

A smaller pie means fewer jobs and everything else, and it may even
double the dole population and push the debt from 16 trillion to 32
trillion. Government spending ain't the problem it is how it is doing the

It shouldn't but if government is going to do social and provider
spending anyway it should be done by providing government
commissaries, government housing, and government clinic with the use
of tokens or script.

Government get the hell out of private enterprise and let private
enterprise and the free market place sink or swim on its own, this is an
order. To kick start and get this whole process rolling right now
eliminate the minimum wage.

The welfare state era is over. Government in the role of social and
family provider has out lived its time. Profit from American businesses
is the only thing that supports our government either from directly
taxing business or indirectly from the wages paid to business
employees and their property.

Let's describe business profit as your seed corn. When government is
small and taking care of only national defense and infrastructure like
parks, roads, and bridges it only needs to take a small amount of
business seed corn profit. That way the business will have plenty left to
raise and grow another bumper crop.

But, when government takes on a social and family provider role it
rapidly grows government demanding it take bigger and bigger chunks
of businesses seed corn profit. The bigger chunk government takes the
less seed corn the business will have to grow another crop.

Our government welfare state as social and family provider now has
grown so large there is not enough business seed corn profit available
for the welfare state to take to survive without killing off American
business. That is what this liberal created social and family provider
government has brought this great nation too.

There is no foreign invader, we are now face to face with the enemy,
and it is economic ignorance. We are now at economic death door, we
no longer have a choice, we either separate all government spending
from our free enterprise economic system or the economy will definitely
collapse and freedom in this nation will be lost forever.

This can be done by the government not giving anyone money unless
they work for the government, also no food stamps. Of course the
government must help people and not let people freeze or starve.

But, government must do that by operating government run
commissaries, housing, and clinics with the use of tokens or script, but
there must be a separation, otherwise it will be impossible for our less
than free market place economy to survive.

Also, we must as a nation eliminates the minimum wage, that way the
people can save themselves. A half a loaf is better than nothing because
all of the supposedly safety nets won't have the funds to save anyone.
It coming folks, this government is broke and the sooner that sinks in
the better.

Right now to the masses of government dependents that kind of talk
about economic failure is just pesky noise. Lord save this great nation.
Folks, I know my drum beat to eliminate the minimum wage don’t seem
to make sense, but I have the wisdom and perspective to know it is the
only way out.

A minimum wage is a forced manipulation of the free market which
means we don’t have a free market place economy. If we did we
wouldn’t be in the sad shape we are in. Without a forced minimum
wage the whole economy would be in balance.

With no minimum wage labor and cost would balance each other
allowing the very poor to afford and pay their own food and medical
bills, which now is impossible. The minimum wage ain’t free, people
don’t realize it but it just forces a business to charge more for
everything you buy.

Sure, in moderation a higher wage is not a bad thing, but when has a
government handout ever stopped with moderation. Besides, it is done
by force and that is totally against the rules of a free market place

Whoa! Maybe I'm crazy and it's just me! Or maybe I'm just missing
something here! Or maybe it's just a liberal thing! When did we as a
nation become proud to air our dirty linen in public! Sure, sometimes
you gotta do what you gotta do, but, who says you have to publically
wallow in it? What happened, it has always been the American way to
use a big stick and walk silently.

UPDATED: 2 MAY 2012, 1827 HOURS
The big horse race coming up in November in my view will determine
the survival of western civilization. To take the golden crown for the
conservatives it is going to take a no holds barred knock down drag out
political battle like no one has ever seen in this country.

Get the women, children, and old folks off the streets, which, I’m sure,
disqualifies me and my views up front. Standing between whoever
takes the crown is a dug in hardcore battle harden predominate liberal
news media that sees self-sufficiency and old fashion traditional family
values as the enemy.

The all powerful liberal news media has brain washed ninety five
percent of the American people to some degree to believe the welfare
state will always be around to take care of everybody instead of every
man feeling responsible for his own survival.

The might of the liberal propaganda machine aimed at any conservative
is an awesome sight of raw power. When it hits a conservative even
some hardcore conservatives may ease up and not speak as freely their
true convictions, let alone pretenders who may end up trying to out
liberal a liberal.

No matter how many so called power brokers bet on the horse they
think can take the crown it ain’t gonna happen unless that horse hold to
conservative values. The biggest weakness of the all powerful liberal
news media propaganda attack machine is their conviction that they are
right and that most Americans agree with them.

They are dead wrong on that, as a rule whatever the liberal news media
believes the American people believe just the opposite. But, people are
human and when they are bombarded and pounded over and over with
the same liberal propaganda it has an effect. And it will carry the day,
especially it you don’t have a genuine conservative with the guts to
push back tit for tat.

With the liberal attack machine constant on guard ready to pounce, the
smartest thing any conservative can do is select only about three things
to dwell on and nothing more.

Sure, it will get boring and people will be saying I know that and I am
tired of hearing that and they may tune out but they won’t forget the
three things you stand for, otherwise being all over the map the liberal
propaganda attack machine will make sure no one knows what the hell
you stand for.

Grab a sound bite for lower taxes, better job opportunities, and keeping
a strong national defense. Just like a pit bull bite down on those three
things and never ease up come hell or high waters.

If a conservative keep it simple and refuse to get dispersed all over the
map he will take the crown. But, if he starts watching all of the polls
and listening to all of the liberal defeatist propaganda he may start
thinking and acting like a loser, which can then become a reality.

I've seen in action the awesome power of the liberal propaganda attack
machine in taking out Dole and then McCain, and believe me the stage is
set for a repeat. Even now no one can really tell you what either of
those candidates truly stood for, pro or con, simply because they were
all over the map.

The only way  to get through this mine field is to keep it simple, bore
the hell out of the people with not more than three proven conservative
winners. Like the old football technique, "Three and a half yards and a
cloud of dust," everybody in the stands knew what you were going to
do but the opposition couldn't stop you.

The same applies here, Pound and pound sound bites on low taxes,
more jobs, and strong nation defense and nothing else until the cows
come home. Otherwise, the liberal propaganda attack machine will
disperse your message and label you to their liking and smash you like
a bug.

It is a mine game; too, the attack machine armed with polls, the special
interest, and others will be hollering and whooping it up to pry you
loose from those three proven winners.

Like any winning coach will tell you, you can never guarantee you will
win, the most you can do in any game is be in a position to win, then the
odds are in your favor because on a given day luck is as much a part of
the game as anything else.

And For-God-Sake forget about details, all that does is give the liberal
propaganda attack machine fodder and ammo for propaganda to
confirm the cold heartless uncaring label they are trying to make stick.

Just layout the three things you are going to do and keep pounding
them until the cows come home. How you are going to do this and how
are you going to do that will only be taken out of context and distorted
to drown out your real massages.  

Forget about reasoning, you can't reason with liberals, they don't care
about logic and reason; their only care is to win in anyway and at any
cost. A genuine responsible person would self-sacrifice and put country
above all personal interest, but with the shape this country is in all the
blame can’t be placed just on liberals.

In fact ninety five percent of the general population in the country is
still asleep with unshakable faith in uncle sugar and has no idea of the
dire shape this country is in, our freedom and way of life is at deaths
door and less then five percent of the population even realize it. Lord,
have mercy on our souls.

Sure, the Madison Avenue boys and girls along with the party pollster’s
and experts will be totally against what I am saying, but, I stand by my

Trying to out shout and stay one upper on a liberal tends not to work
because subconsciously people know that generally liberals lack a very
deep sense of responsibility. And they tend not to hold liberals to as
high a standard as a conservative.

The independents will never desert one that will stick only to low taxes,
more jobs, and strong national defense if they know he is sincere. But,
to be lured off into chasing after women issues, gay issues, who killed
who, and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry liberal outcry imaginable is
just what the liberal attack machine wants.

The sensible thing to do with a new outcry is make only one policy
statement, and stand by it by telling the distractors my first statement
stands. Then get back to pounding and pounding low taxes, more jobs,
and a strong national defense.  Otherwise, the liberal propaganda
attack machine will keep you away from your bread and butter message

Whoa here! I hear more liberal claptrap, this anti wealth mentality that
is in the liberal mind is just that, because it just doesn’t pan out in
practice. There is something in the makeup of the human psyche that
attracts people to bigger than life stuff.

For some unknown reason pomp, ceremony, extravaganza, and all of
that kind of crazy nonessential stuff have an attraction and pulling
effect on people. I really don't know why, but I suspect that it has
something to do with the allure of power. There is just something that
attracts people to that kind of stuff.

Look at all of the worshiping of movie stars and big time sport figures.
Evangelism is big business in this country today with mega-churches,
but one of the lessons learned by the early evangelist was how to build
a big following.

They learned that one could be the best preacher with the best message
and that alone may get you some followers, but it took more to build a
Hugh following. And one effective way was to be seen as bigger than
life with pomp, expensive flashy cars, fine pews, fine churches &
furniture, and fine flashy clothes.

I think most seniors have heard of Daddy Grace and other early
evangelist. So, all I'm saying is living high on the hog doesn't
necessarily turn most people off.  Who it actually turns off is those with
a something for nothing socialist mentality.  

The reason I wrote this article is because the socialist/liberal news
media propaganda attack machine was trying to stir up resentment
among the people, because someone with their own hard earned money
was proud of the cars they could afford.

Poor hard working Americans has never resented rich people enjoying
the good life. In fact they want that, too. In America anything is still
possible, that is if we can keep these socialist from taking over.

Just remember the story about the Woodchopper; he was trying to split
an extra tough might oak block. He hit the blade of his big axe time and
time again on this particular block. After a while he felt there was no
use and decided to give up.

But, at the last minute before walking away he decided to kneel down
and take a closer look. And to his surprise he could see a small split.
The moral of the story is: Positive human effort is never wasted. Many
times we may feel it doesn't really matter and we are just wasting our
time on something.

So many times over the years with my writing I have felt it is a curse, I
haven't made any money at it, and felt nobody really cares and it all a
waste of time. But, the thing with me is I don't know how to be a quitter
and I'm still at it.

All of my life I have been written off dismissed and seen as someone
destiny to be a failure in life, but, by the grace of God here I am still
standing at age seventy, three days before this Christmas 2012.

As you can see, I am in favor of restoring old fashion values to this
nation, I may not be right, but this is my analysis on what it will take to
grab the golden crown and save western civilization.

It never ceases to amaze me on just how economically ignorant most
people are. This whole modern generation is looking to big government
to always be there to take care of them. But, the true fact is the
government is only a necessary parasite that every organized society
must have to defend and protect its citizens.

An Economy consists of only to parties, a seller and a buyer or a
merchant and a consumer. Nature's supreme law of "Natural selection"
balances these two forces against each other where prices can never
get out of hand.

If government just take a small amount off the top a balance can still be
maintained, but, when government takes too much of the cream of
profit the incentive to produce heads downward. The government
doesn't generate any profit and every penny it takes in taxes to survive
originates from some form of private business transaction.

It is either directly or indirectly. Non business people that pay taxes to
the government all receive their pay from some form of private
business transaction profit. So, what have we now, a general public
that see government as some kind of imaginary omnipotent sow with
countless tits that we can suck on forever.

Besides, a business doesn't pay taxes anyway; a business is just a
medium of exchange and nothing else. It is a medium of exchange
between a buyer and a seller with the seller being the owner of the
product or service. The exchange between the seller (owner) and the
buyer must produce a profit for the owner otherwise all of the owner’s
labor would be for nothing.

So, when the government comes in and taxes the owner's profit that tax
must be passed on to the buyer (customer) in the form of higher prices.
You see, when the government taxes a business it is simply indirectly
taxing the public or a part of it in the form of higher prices, that is what
is called consumer inflation.

When the tax is small there is not much of a problem, but when the bite
becomes too great especially along with mountains of government red
tape, unemployment and mass business failure is the result.

That is sheer madness and to top that we have this liberal anti-business
climate that bites the hand that feeds it. My God! It is a case of the
parasite attacking the host that keeps it alive, how dumb and stupid can
it get? This is what the shallow minded liberals and their welfare state
has done to this great predominate Christian nation.

There has never been a mass social and family provider government in
the history of mankind before the “New deal” came along. The profits
from private enterprise are what supports government and can keep
government supplied as long as government limits its spending to
national defense and the infrastructure.

But, the profit from private business can never be enough to support a
social and provider government very long. The welfare state days are
over, it is no mystery to me, there is simply not enough business profit
to pay the cost, and you can’t get blood out of a turnip, period. And
anybody that think that we as a nation can continue with our welfare
state is living in fantasy land, period.

It is simply impossible to pay the cost, we are broke people, and still we
have politicians in washing acting like we are a rich nation. We are over
16 trillion in debt and still trying to spend like drunken sailors.

The egg heads with their scrambled brains and the elite will never
change course they are in a state of denial and will go down with the
ship first. Why they call them eggheads in the first place is because
their brains are scrambled, with common sense nowhere to be found.
And I’m supposed to be the fool and nut case and maybe I am, but at
least I have enough common sense to know we are headed toward total

I write what I think and believe, so I hope my short lecture will
enlighten at least one soul somewhere out there and everyone won’t
think I am totally insane.

When I talk about economics I’m talking about a free market place.
There has never been a communist or socialist form of government that
could feed all of it people. In those types of governments the top
leadership lives high on the hog while the general population barley
keeps from starving.

Economically speaking caring for the poor or anybody  must be kept
separated for a free market place to work, that is the problem now, you
can't have unlimited individual government spending standing between
the merchants and the consumers and expect a healthy sound free
market place economy. What you will have is uncontrolled consumer
inflation like what is taking place now, that and the “Minimum wage” is
the fuel that is spinning consumer inflation out of control.

There is no way in the hell to stop this economy from expanding beyond
control and collapse from it own weight with the course it is on. You
don't have to take my advice; the wait won’t be very much longer.
Government must sell off damn near everything and give up its social
and family provider role, period. Will it happen, no?

If the USA government doesn't eliminate the "Minimum wage and give
up its social and family provider role will the USA economy survive, no.
So, what is going to happen to this great land of the free and home of
the brave, you really don't want to know the answer to that as I see it.

Well, if you insist and won't take no for an answer I guess I have no
choice but to tell you what I think is going to happen. I believe to buy
time and avoid biting the dust our Welfare State and the Federal
Reserve as co-conspirators will finish selling off what is left of our
freedom and sovereignty to some foreign highest bidder like a cheap
street walker. And we will end up as debt slaves.

So, how you like me now?
SIRMANS LOG: Last update 27 MARCH 2012, 1613 HOURS

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