I know people are thinking what about the government paying off this
or that and who is going to lose this or that. This nation is way past that
now we are now in a priority struggle on whether this nation and
freedom will survive or be lost forever.

To continue on the doomsday course we are on now soon nothing is
going to get paid anyway because we may not even have a country. The
shallow minded liberals starting with the "New deal" got this nation in
the fix we are in, and even to this day won't accept responsibility for
anything but instead can blame the sweetness out ginger bread.

Hell, the liberal ain't over twenty percent of the population, but they are
super aggressive, if you get between a liberal and a cause you are
going to get trampled if you ain't got your s... together. These people
will stop at nothing, morally or otherwise to stay in power.

Someway somehow conservatives must snatch the reins from these
people otherwise we are all going over the cliff or down the tube. God
save our freedom.
20 MARCH 2012, 2226 HOURS

If you want my opinion, which no one has asked, but, guess what, I'm
going to give it anyway. We have a milestone election coming up in
November and I believe it will determine whether we as a nation lose
our freedom quickly or go the drip by drip route.

The drip by drip course is the best course only because it buys more
time for a miracle to possibly save our freedom. OK, OK, what if we do
get a new team? What will it do about the welfare state entitlement

Will it have the guts to actually lighten the welfare state massive
financial load? Sure, I have heard promises about cutting government
spending but it ain’t gonna happen, the welfare state is simply just too
powerful. Besides, in my view making massive cuts in government
spending would do more harm than good because all it would do is
increase the dole roll?

The problem is government as a social and family provider simply
doesn't work and it is impossible to keep it from collapsing soon. The
only thing that is going to save the USA and western civilization is to
somehow get the government out of its social and family provider role,

Otherwise, I don’t care what those in powers tell you the USA economy
can’t be saved, I know almost no one will believe me, and why should
they, an unknown writer like me can't possibly know jack. An economy
is like life itself there must be constant small purges and rebirths taking
place for it to stay healthy.

The free market place ideology allows that to take place better than any
other economic system known to man. Governments tend not to adhere
to supply and demand and will use its power to stop small purges and
will reward its friends, thereby choking off healthy small purges and

This process won’t kill an economy on the spot but will cause it to
wither and die on the vine, which is what is happening to the USA and
welfare states all over the world. Growth itself is a process of birth and
death; otherwise there would be no lasting life.

The welfare state is what is going to destroy the USA and western
civilization unless they get out of their social and provider roles. The
nuclear and extended family unit is what civilization is based on. It is
the foundation of all civilization.

Before the “New deal” the head of household was not only a provider he
instilled in the young self-restraint, responsibility, and accountability.
The “New deal” birthed the welfare state we have today.

The welfare state on a massive scale has taken the family provider role
away from where it had been for over 5,000 years, with each nuclear
family unit head of household.

That in itself wasn’t so bad but what was so destructive even to this day
is government as family provider is not making sure the young is
instilled with self-restraint, responsibility, and accountability. Only the
provider has the power and authority to make sure the young are
prepared to be productive future adults.

Today with the poor it is not uncommon to see grand and great grand
mothers having to raise young kids. I just highlighted a sample of the
destruction the welfare state has done just on our culture. Moving on to
some of the destruction the welfare state has done to our economy.

The founding fathers knew what an all powerful big government would
do they had seen it back in old Europe. They knew that the only way to
control government was to keep it small. The constitution is all about
limiting the power of government over the people.

The constitution gave the greatest power to the people and to the
states. The state governors use to have awesome powers. Each state
governor appointed two senators to represent his and the state’s

Then because of petty politics, with the 17th amendment the states
gave up their real power by not having two appointed senators to
represent only state business and interest, now special interest may
have more influence with the senators than the state governor. And the
people gave up their real power by allowing the government to take
over the family provider role for itself.

Now the all powerful welfare state with little to no real opposition is
busy consolidating its massive power to finish selling off the little
sovereign power the USA has left. Within five years the USA will be an
economic slave in my opinion, now chew on that.

Whoever is the provider has the power to be the boss, yes sir. In
economic terms the only thing that truly matters is profit. You can be
spinning your wheels and kicking up all kinds of dust but if you are not
making any profit you ain’t going anywhere.

As a country when we are borrowing forty cents of every dollar we
spend we are definitely profit challenged. Every cent the government
takes comes from some type of private business transaction. When
government is small it only needs to take a small amount out of a
businesses profit margin. But, the bigger government grows the more it
must take from the profit a business makes.

This welfare state we have won’t stop until its bite is so big no business
can make a profit, there is no stopping the greed of a welfare state. It
don’t make any sense, that doesn’t matter, most of the stuff taking
place now don’t make any sense in my view.

No matter who wins the election if they are not willing to get the
government out of its super provider role it will not save this economy.
Here is what should be done, first eliminate the “Minimum wage.”

Next set up government run commissaries, government housing, and
government run clinics with the use of token or script for those that

Lastly, government must stop giving out free money or food stamps to
anyone, that is what driver consumer inflation and keeps prices sky
high for everyone.

What few people understand about freedom and a free market place is
it works both ways; there must be freedom to succeed or fail, and
freedom to pay the most in wages or the least.

That is what freedom means, without force in any direction that is what
nature's supreme law of "Natural selection" is all about, without force,
let nature's law of “Natural selection” decide. That means an employer
should have the right to pay as much or as little as he wants to as long
as no force is involved, no one has to accept it.

The greatest and mightiest of giant oak trees started as a small acorn.
The ability to start small is what real growth is all about. Before all of
the big government welfare states bars and hoops one has to jump
through now any poor person with initiative could pull himself up by his
own boot straps.

Now starting from almost nothing is becoming almost impossible and is
only going to get worse. Sure, I write a lot of extreme stuff, which to a
large extent is to stress a point, but, I know the secret to life is all about
balance and common sense.

Like in time of old, the people knew without a doubt that certain things
doesn't chance with time and one of those things was building

We as humans have evolved over millions of years through hardship
and struggle. And I just don't believe that a strong survival instinct
along with good judgment and character can be instilled in the young
without a certain amount of real or imposed hardship and struggle.

Of all the crimes against nature the welfare state has done I think the
biggest of all is its corruption of the poor. Never in the history of
mankind has the poor been moral corrupted on such a mass scale and is
out there killing babies in the womb by the millions, may God bless their

Mandates, mandates, individual mandates, and mandates to no end.
When it comes to individual mandates to make everyone buy health
insurance or go to jail I am against that along with almost everyone.

Well, what about one of the first individual government mandates, I'm
talking about the "Minimum wage, that was one of the welfare states
first mandates. Without the minimum wage the welfare state could
never have taken over and grown into this all powerful monster we
have today that is going to spend this nation into oblivion.

If I am willing to work for someone just for room and board why
shouldn't I have that right? If I am willing to pay all of someone's
expense and pay them a dollar a day why shouldn't they have a right to
say yes/no.

In today's climate I know it would be a miracle to pass a Supreme Court
decision, still, I think it should be put to a Supreme Court test. As you
can see, I am totally against a “Minimum wage” I think getting rid of
the minimum wage especially at this late stage is the only thing that
will save the USA and western civilization, period.

One of the reasons I am so misunderstood is because I have a super
strong survival instinct, whereas today due to the welfare state most
Americans has a dependency weak survival instinct.

You first have to know and be able to recognize a moral threat before
you can truly take someone like me serious, I am mostly dismissed and
seen as some kind of nut case talking a lot of hate filled nonsense.
Which, couldn't be farther from the truth.

I understand this because not all has paid the price in struggle and
suffering that I have to instill a super survival instinct. But, history is
my guide and without a doubt will prove me right.

Anything that doesn't protect the unborn and future generations is a
moral threat in my eyes, by instinct alone I just know, no one has to tell
me. A moral threat doesn't physical kill you on the spot but over time it
is just as dangerous, your species will cease to exist.

No sovereign country can continue to depend forty percent on another
and stay free and independent for very long. Almost everyone is totally
focused on the lack of jobs and the economy while what is coming in
low under the radar is just as destructive.

I am talking about moral decay and culture rot. Anyone with any
knowledge of history should know that moral decay and culture rot is
the last stage before a nation will be taken over or conquered.

Throughout history the only real security for women, children, the
elderly, and everyone else has been with a strong nuclear and extended
family system. But, here we are as a nation putting all of our faith in a
welfare state that is on life support, God help us.

Almost the whole nation is in mass denial from being brainwashed for
decades by a liberal bias news media in my view. I am totally in favor of
women rights as well as rights for all Americans, but there is not going
to be rights for any of us if we don’t first save our nuclear and extended
family system and our culture.

This country’s government is borrowing forty cents out of every dollar it
spends, and what is even worse is nothing is being done about it, and
even super worse is we have a liberal bias media that is on the sideline
cheering the process on, God save us.

No country with a culture like we had before the “New deal” would
tolerate this behavior for one second, which is proof of what this
welfare state beast has done to our once great culture.

The moral decay and culture rot due to our welfare state has just grown
too powerful; only the elimination of the “Minimum wage” will set in
motion a process that will save the United States of America.

The great conservative radio talk show host has admitted that he
slipped up and has apologized for the infractions. He is not the first one
to get caught up in emotion and stray over the line and will not be the

However, the progressive liberals smell blood in the water and in their
view see this as their opportunity to take down the biggest conservative
voice of all. Sure, they already got the heat turned up enough to drive a
few from the kitchen, but, in my view they are kicking around a powder
keg, here.

This could rejuvenate and give life to a dying moral decaying giant that
is all but dead in America. Sure, in my view the radio talk show host
was wrong for his slut and prostitute name calling, but, he was right on
his assault on the outrageous moral decay that is rotting to the core our
once great culture.

The shallow minded liberals don’t know what the hell I’m talking about
concerning moral decay, they couldn’t recognize a moral threat if it
slapped them upside the head. I could go on and on but enough said, I
say let bygones be bygones. I rest my case.

PS: JUST A PASSING THOUGHT, 8 march 2012, 2345 HOURS:
I think one of the major TV networks has morphed into just a plain
negative anti-survival moral decay propaganda machine. I believe this
TV network has contempt and a secret hate for the strong traditional
nuclear family. And especially one with a no nonsense strong male
disciplinarian as head of household.

Just like the big powerful enemy armored divisions of WWII ran on ball
bearings the welfare state runs on the "Minimum wage. So, the only
way the people is ever going to regain control and save the last bastion
of true freedom of the individual left in the world today is by completely
eliminating the minimum wage, period.

The all powerful welfare state beast will never in its view yield one inch
of its God given power back to the people; it will see this country in
ashes first. It all starts with the minimum wage; I’m talking about the
growth and taking over of the country by the welfare state. The
minimum wage is the life blood and backbone of the welfare state.

Without the minimum there would be no out of control welfare state
beast like we have today. Without the minimum wage anyone could hire
the poor, the young, the handicapped, the prisoners, and many, many
others without facing mountains of red tape. As it is now everyone must
pay a minimum wage, and meet every other kind of government
restriction one can imagine.

Without the minimum wage you wouldn’t have the elderly, single
women, single men, and probably a fifth of the USA population living
alone. Once government got a taste of the God like power of being a
super social and family provider and playing daddy without carrying out
family discipline the die was cast for the destruction of our culture.

Nowhere in over five thousand years of written history has government
ever been a mass social and family provider until the "New deal" came
along. The government now takes from self-sacrificing hardworking
producers and in many cases gives that hard earned money to lack of
initiative deadbeat non-producers. My God! People are not stupid! How
long will it be before the country is reduced to the lowest denominator?

Truly we are living on borrowed time. The minimum wage must go if
western civilization is to survive; there are no ifs, and’s, and but's about
it. It is not possible for prices to rise above what the poor can afford to
pay unless government is subsidizing price raising on an individual
basis in some way.

Government giving anyone free money or food stamps is subsiding
price raising on the general public no matter how you spin it, the result
is still the same, consumer inflation. As a last resort, if the government
must aid the poor it can be done without causing out of control inflation
like we have today.

If government must aid the poor and disadvantage it should be done by
establishing government run Commissaries, housing, and clinics and
issue tokens or script to those that qualify. That will prevent out of
control consumer inflation like we have today.

That will allow the rest of the working poor and others to pay for their
own food and doctor bills. Then almost all of the money government
takes in taxes can go to repairing bridges, the highways, city pipe and
sewage systems and above all adequate national defense.

The people are suppose to be taking care of the government not the
government taking care of the people, and especially not in masses like
this welfare state is doing. I say to hell with the eggheads and the elites
with their doomsday go down with the ship insanity, I say lets stop this
suicide train to hell by first eliminating the minimum wage.  

That will quickly bleed the pressure off the stuck inflationary throttle.
Then with the minimum wage no reverse restriction bar lifted a true
free market place economy will kick in and back this run-a-way mother
away from the cliff. Whew! Just in time! Thank God!

There is never a case in history where a real true free market place
economy failed. Sure, it rebirths and renews itself but that is normal to
get rid of waste and inefficiency. That is what is wrong with our welfare
state, the moral decay and liberal media bias has a deadly choke hold
on this nation that only a free market place with normal rebirths can
break. Otherwise, a total economic collapse is imminent.

I don’t need or want any credit for anything, I’m just hell bent on doing
what I can to help save my homeland, the only home I know. Praise be
to God.

The reason I know without a doubt that I am right on most of the things
I write about is because the economy is just like life itself; it must have
a death and rebirth cycle. It is like having a normal healthy memory, in
order to have that we must be able to prioritize and forget ninety nine
percent of the junk and meaningless stuff we experience.

We know that oxidation work to get rid of things physically. I’m not for
sure what get rid of things mentally but I do know by nature’s design
everything must fail or die or be renewed in some way or cease to exist.

Moral decay, inefficiency, and waste must be gotten rid of or they will
become too powerful and bring down civilization itself, which could
mean back to the Stone Age. The only way to save the USA is by
eliminating the “Minimum wage” and reverting back to a true free
market place economy with unrestricted competition.

The moral decay, the partisan liberal news media, and other anti-
survival forces have become just too powerful for the USA to survive as
a free people, period. Nothing except a true free market place can do
the weeding without throwing out the baby with the bath water.
19 FEBRUARY 2012, 1625 HOURS

There is probably a divine reason why I keep up the drum beat of a
complete elimination of the "Minimum wage." You see, man using
reasoning and intelligence will never get the USA out of the
economically mess the progressive liberals has gotten this nation into.

Only God and natures supreme law of "Natural selection" can save the
USA and the world from total destruction back to the Stone Age. That is
the reason I keep screaming, get rid of the "Minimum wage" at all cost,
because I know man with his facts and figures alone will never save our
civilization, it is too far gone.

There are simply just too many variables many which are subjective like
whose back is being scratched, who is hiding under the desk, and on
and on. That is why power hates a free market place because it
prevents the handing out of goodies to cronies.

The invisible hand which is nature's supreme law of "Natural selection"
in action is what ultimately rules the economy and all existence
anyway. "You can't get blood out of a turnip," the laws of nature are
just that simple and to think and do otherwise is a state of denial.

All the elimination of the “Minimum wage" does is set in motion what is
going to ultimately happen by the force of nature anyway. But, if
Mother Nature is force to carry out its law it could mean back to the
Stone Age.
18 FEBRUARY 2012, 0945 HOURS

I got so sick and tired of hearing this big lie about how worse off the
economy would be if not for the stimulus that I just couldn't take it
anymore, I just had to vent.

People getting on TV talking about how bad the economy would be
today if not for the trillions of dollars spent on the stimulus package.
Nonsense, the truth is most of that spending went to phony liberal
crony capitalism anyway in my view.

What they keep saying is an unprovable assumption but with the
general public being so ignorant on how a free market place actually
works it allows the liberals to keep running their phony shell game. All
of that money was actually wasted and did far more damage to the

Proof of why it actually did more damage than good is what it did to
government. The sound free market place formula is very simple, more
and bigger government is bad because that means government must
take even more of the dwindling profit businesses are struggling to
survive on.

It not only took the nation trillions deeper into debt it vastly increased
the growth in government which makes the nation and the economy far
worse off than before the stimulus.

The fact is more and bigger government is bad, and smaller and lesser
government is good if this nation is to survive, but, of course, trying to
get a shallow minded liberal to understand something so simple is a
horse of a different color.   

So, the real proof is instead of the stimulus package saving the USA
economy it stepped up the pace of the slow death watch we are on. The
day of reckoning looms on the horizon. Like a broken record I must
throw this in, the elimination of the minimum wage will force this nation
to save itself, there is no other option.

My great wisdom and destiny demands I keep sounding my same stress
call “The elimination of the minimum wage is a must, period,” with love

I am not a scheming or devious type person and don't think in those
terms, but, there are some who do and is very good at it. In politics
there is a very old tactic and I think Richard M. Nixon honed it almost to
a science with submitting Supreme Court justices.

First you trot out someone or something extreme that you know
probably won't be accepted, then when the noise die down you ease in
your real intent and it will be gladly accepted. Just a little food for
thought, that is all, good day.

I definitely don't need this, I would be far better off keeping my
personal view to my self on this matter, but, I guess I'm a motor mouth
at times and can't help it.

Anyone that has ever read any of my writing knows that I'm for small
government and totally against a welfare state type government. That
means that I disagree almost one hundred percent of the time with the
current administrations policies. But, on this Keystone Pipeline issue I
must admit that I totally agree with their decision on this.

Experts have been wrong before and will be wrong again, that is a
given. Why take a chance and risk destroying the water supply of three
states when it can be avoided. Sure, the cost is going to be much higher
and take longer, but later saying that shouldn't have happen, or saying
we are sorry won't bring back clean water.

I have personally experienced Murphy's Law in action many times.
Murphy's Law says if anything bad can possibly happen it will. I think
the risk is just far too great no matter what the experts say when you
are talking about the water supply of three states.

To me it is a no brainier, just go around the aquifer. Sure, we are
desperate in need of jobs but first we must have clean water to live.

Newt + JC

Why would a modern ship like that go down so fast? I thought in
modern ship building at least some type of compartmentalized structure
would be in place, but, again what do I know, maybe it is too cost
prohibitive. No matter how well trained the crew, a ship going down
that fast with that many people there are going to be problems.

Like I've said many times, I can dissect an economy as well as anyone.
Here is my bold brash opinion on the options if the USA and western
civilization is to survive.

The way I see the situation in the USA is first things first and I've yet to
hear anyone hit the target. To talk about getting out of debt or saving
our freedom while government is still in the role of super social and
family provider in my view is dumb and stupid.

That is something that is impossible, we are lucky that this has lasted
this long. You see, government doesn't have any money and every
penny it takes comes from some type of business profit. The bigger
government gets the more profit it must take from businesses until it
kills off all business profit. We are not there yet, but we are headed
there at warp speed.

Sure, government taxes the people and almost everything else that
exist, but where do the people get there money, ultimately like I said all
income leads back to some type of business transaction.

A society must have some type of government for internal and external
protection of the whole society otherwise government wouldn't be
needed.  Government is not part of an economy it is just a parasite
needed for protection. In simple terms, an economy consists of only
two players, a seller and a buyer no matter how modern or complicated
it may seem.

Starting with the seller, using some form of energy the seller produces
a product or service and a buyer purchases it. An employee himself is
actually a seller, he sell his labor for a paycheck. A business itself is
only a medium of exchange to generate a profit for the owner, if it
doesn't generate a profit it can't exist.

To sum it up, government is only needed to protect society, but, it has
the big guns and the power to take over and some do. And believe it or
not with the course we are on that is exactly what is going to happen to
the great USA, it is only logic.

Unless we start by eliminating the minimum wage and void practically
all regulations the economy is guaranteed to totally collapse. After that
there will be mass hunger, rioting in the streets and a lot of people
being shot, then the people themselves will demand that government
take over.

However, with the eliminating of the minimum wage and choking
regulations government won't collapse, but it will severely deflate and a
lot of rich people will go broke. But, we will save out freedom and
survive, it won't be easy but the people will regain control and the
nation will survive.

Otherwise, with the course we are on freedom and the nation will be
lost forever. There it is y’all all wrapped and packaged, you don't have
to agree with me but that is my brief analysis.

Sure, government shouldn't be in the role of super social and family
provider, but, when all else has failed government does has a
responsibility to not let the poor freeze or starve. However, government
also should never hand out free unearned money or food stamps to the
poor or anyone else if the free market place is to survive.

The only way government can help the poor without destroying the
nuclear family, the culture, and the economy is to establish government
runs commissaries, housing, and clinics with the use of tokens or script
for those who qualify.

Government handing out free cash and food stamps guarantees a big
enough pool of paying customers where the merchant don't ever have
to lower prices, thereby causing higher prices and taxes on everyone.
That is what's causing this out of control consumer inflation that is
killing us today.

Government can spend all it wants to and it won't cause consumer
inflation unless money is handed out on an individual basis, the
individual basis is what destroys the natural balance between the buyer
and the seller.

I will tell any conservative, okay, you want small government, well; you
can’t get there from here. First, where you start is fight to eliminate the
minimum wage and void countless choking regulations that will get you
there, there is no other way, period.

In sheer economic terms government as a social and family provider
and having a lasting free market place at the same time simply don't
mix, it is like pouring water in acid. It not only destroys a free market
place economy it corrupts morals and leaves a nations culture in total

Look what the welfare state has done to the great USA, we are totally
broke with trillions of dollars in debt which makes us slaves to foreign
sources. And what is even scarier is we have a shallow hype prone
predominate liberal news media that has left the general public totally
in the dark on the true state of the nation.

With little to no nuclear and extended family foundation left and any
minimum bartering capacity to sustain us under distress, this nation
could become authoritarian or a dictatorship almost overnight.

In my opinion with the czars already in place and with a shallow
predominate liberal news media that can’t recognize a moral or deep
threat if it slapped them upside the head, the only thing now saving the
last bastion of true freedom in the world today is the second
amendment. And its days are probably numbered.

All of which could be avoided if the minimum wage was eliminated and
all big government regulations were voided and then added back as
needed. We as a nation are like fools with all of our eggs still in one
giant big government welfare state basket, how sad, God help us.

Around the world I imagine many are amused by the fix we are in. But,
at the same time they are in almost boot shaking fear, because wise
men know the most dangerous thing there is, is when a great nation is
injured or losing power.

My God! Maybe my deep wisdom is greater than even I realize. Things
about the economy that seems so simple to me doesn't even register
with the so called highly intelligent great economic thinkers of today.

I listen every day on this and that and what this politician is going to do
to fix the economy and on and on. While at the same time welfare states
all over the world is in the early stages of collapsing down upon their

Still, the powers that be don’t even have a clue as to the one and only
thing that can save the USA and western civilization. I believe the
global economy is past the stage of no return, it can’t be saved, but at
least western civilization itself can be saved if this one and only thing is

The one and only thing that I know without a shadow of doubt that will
save western civilization is “Get government out of the role of social
and family provider, period." However, after eighty years of ever
increasing big government dependency that is an almost impossible

Also, another go against the grain widely held false assumption that
flies in the face of sound economics is the belief that the “Minimum
wage is a good thing.” In economic terms the minimum wage is
destructive wishful thinking, period. The minimum wage doesn’t
increase wealth it only distorts wealth and kills the free market place.

The minimum wage makes what cost $5.00 after awhile cost $50.00.
The only thing that increases wealth is the increase in production and
buying power. Without the elimination of the minimum wage it will be
impossible to get the government out of its family provider role to save
western civilization.

Power will always go down with the ship, only divine intervention can
save us now, God help us. Government in the role of social and family
provider given time will always kill an economy. It is done by taking too
much profit leaving no incentive for anyone to go into or stay in

Given time big government will also snuff out all greed and self-interest
which leaves no incentive to produce except by the whip. With the whip
one will produce only enough to stay alive which is the history of
communism and socialism.

So, there it is in a nut shell folks, you have the facts and a solution. You
can dismiss me, the facts, and everything else I say, but you won’t
prove me wrong.

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