I found myself smiling while listening to a liberal lion go on and on about
the rich not paying their fair share of taxes and blaming everything on
the republicans.

Whereas, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the liberals
claptrap garbage mentality that have brought this great country almost
to its knees with this welfare state beast Lording it over all of us. The
reason why I couldn’t help but smile is because sometimes humor is the
best way to defuse and accept a sad situation.  

As I sat listening to this super liberal lion spout on and on the standard
liberal blame shifting garbage it made me feel so befuddled and sad
knowing nearly half of the nation is flimflammed by this stuff. I’m afraid
it may be too late now history and our destruction is on the liberals side
unless a miracle take place, its going to take some hard decisions and
hardship to save this nation and I’m not for sure we have the stomach
for it.

I am almost alone yelling and hollering to deaf ears, no one want to hear
me, when I yell get rid of the minimum wage and never give anyone
money or food stamps on an individual basis, they think my God give
wisdom is stupid. Still, I will never loose hope and stop trying to help
save this great nation.

Like I have said many times before when it becomes almost totally
acceptable to attack the rich, freedom and democracy is on its last leg,
and I condemn anyone that does it. When you see entertainers, sport
figures, business executives and others making extreme amounts of
money that is because of big government and our welfare state, don’t
blame these people more power to them.

In a free market place economy with unhindered competition no
extremes can get out of hand, only government can get between the
merchant and the consumer and ignite consumer inflation by subsiding
higher and higher prices enabling enough people to pay them. There
never has been and never will be a rich and prosperous country without
a lot of rich people to make it happen.

Poor people with money are not the same as rich people, there is a world
of difference in mentality, plus almost all rich people have a strong
sense of altruism, which is not the case with most of the very, very poor.
It may not seem so, but if you scratch below the surface of most genuine
failures in life you will find a very self centered individual.

Without exceptions trying to make everyone equal in life will always
make everyone equally poor except a very few privileged leaders. Look
at history, the first thing every dictator or any power grabber does is go
after and attack the rich, because they know the rich is the lifeblood of
every democracy.

In a democracy the loyalty of the rich is a must because if the rich can’t
keep and hold on to their money they have the means to leave. I believe
turning people against the rich is one of the most destructive things you
can do to a free and democratic country. The old saying “Ways and
actions speak louder than words” should wake people up but it doesn’t.

Myself, I have been out here for years beating the bushes trying to drive
the political snakes out into the opening, but to little or no avail. I think
the liberals really mean well but human beings and what motivates them
is something they have never understood.

Liberals just don’t care or understand that when you do for and make a
human being a dependent you destroy that persons will to survive on his
own. Balance is the real key to human survival, to little struggle to
survive can be as bad as too much hardship to survive.

One reason why we may loose our freedom is our lack of instilling good
judgment and character in our young. I believe good sound judgment
and character can only be instilled with a certain amount of real or
imposed hardship and struggle. I’m not in favor of any harsh extreme
hazing, but the idea comes from imposing some form of hardship to help
build character.

Sure, many will disagree with me on the necessity of hardship and
struggle to build character; still I stand my ground on this. Why do you
think drug use is so out of control in this country, character may not be
the main factor but it definitely plays a role?

The struggle to survive in all species have evolved over thousands of
years and when struggle is taken away life tends to become less
appreciated and leaves an unfulfilled void. To a large extent that is what
has happen to this great country, far too many people today have weak
survival instincts.

Far too many people couldn’t recognize a moral threat if it slapped them
upside the head. Far too many feel, who care if a man marries a man or a
woman, marries a woman. Far too many feel it is only a fetus, who
cares; the welfare state is going to take care of me in my old age.

What they don’t know is nothing or no one escapes nature’s supreme
law of “Natural selection” but only so long. Nature’s supreme law of
natural selection purges out moral decay, inefficiency, and waste
through births and rebirths.

The world is entering the early stage of a rebirth, and I’m here to tell
you any nation without a strong nuclear and extended family system, a
strong moral and religious code, and some bartering capacity with small
farmers and home gardeners will have little or no chance of surviving.

I stump my shoe hard on the wood floor and slam my hat down on the
floor, too! And think, damn, damn, damn! Can't somebody understand
simple logic! I'm no genus, what I keep telling people is just simple
logic, whatever happened to people with even a little perspective! Have
the welfare state destroyed even that!

Here it is again in a nut shell, I'm talking about the core problem, the
root problem, the heart of the matter, the eye of the storm or whatever
you call it. No amount of money or anything you do is going to save the
USA and our freedom as long as we have a super family provider welfare
state beast in control.

Nothing and I mean nothing as long as government is giving out money
and food stamps on an individual basis is going to save our economy
simply because that act alone kills the free market and drives inflation.
So, until the government is out of the family provider role 9-9-9 or any
revenue raising or anything else is going to saving our great nation.

A provider welfare state is like a giant snowball rolling down hill,
nothing is going to stop it. The more it takes in taxes the more it’s going
to need to feed its growing list of dependents, it feeds on itself, the more
it grows the more it demands in never ending new taxes. Look what it
has already done to the great USA, It has already almost totally
destroyed the African American nuclear family and the rest of the
country is not too far behind.

It has ripped our morals to threads where the word marriage now means
anything one want it to. And our culture has come to mean me first, I
want mine, I want it all, and on and on it goes. With a provider welfare
state more money simply means giving it more power to grow.

Feeding our welfare state beast is the root cause of jobs going overseas
and the other stupid things that is happening today. Behind it all in truth
is the liberals blind insane need to keep our provider welfare state beast
as their Lord and Master. Whether we admit it or not we all are slaves to
this beast. I rest my case, there is no reason to go on and on, if you don’
t get the point by now you never will.

Here is my blue print, Congress and the President must first, completely
get rid of the minimum wage. Next, void all regulations on businesses,
then add them back as needed. Next, establish government run
commissaries, housing, and clinics and use token or script to prevent
contaminating the nations free market economy. And finally,
government must stop giving out free money and food stamps to anyone
on an individual basis because that is what causes consume inflation
and destroys the free market.

Also, all government spending and burdens should be limited to defense,
treasure, state, interior, and only what the people can’t do for
themselves and collect taxes accordingly. In closing I suggest this blue
print be taken seriously as a guide only. I am only trailblazing a path,
with that I have done my duty.

I have no father control, may God bless this great nation. I am under no
illusions, I know this blue print will be totally ignored; one reason is
because U.S. Senators are no longer appointed by their states and the
people are no longer the sole family providers. In reality whoever is the
family providers actually rules and controls the country, it’s just that
simple in a free republic like ours. Cry me a river.

Now, in truth the welfare state has almost all of the real power. The
states and the people can piss and moan and bitch all day long, but that’
s about all in terms of making real changes. Instead of the United States
senators being controlled by their state governor and congressmen they
owe their real loyalty to special interest. And the people owe their real
loyalty to who pays them, which is our welfare state with fewer and
fewer exceptions.

According to the U.S. constitution the military and protecting the nation
is the first duty and priority of congress and the president. But, here we
are today with a congress avoiding its duty by assigning it to a
committee of six with OUR NATION SAVING military's neck on the
chopping block.

In my one man's opinion that is a crying shame. My advice to congress is
to take my advice and vote to eliminate the minimum wage right now,
not tomorrow. That will get the ball rolling on saving our economy and
the nation, God bless and keep a free America.

The constitution was originally designed for senators to represent the
interest of their state government no one else's. That was the reason
they were appointed instead of elected in the first place.

To me a stimulus package is like putting paper money down a rat hole.
All it does is make a bad situation worse. When a nation is spending
almost twice as much as it is taking in it is insane to think more
spending is the answer, it is impossible to spend your way out of debt.  

I truly understand how an economy works and to me the answer is very
simple. The first truth is government spending is the problem and until
that is recognized and admitted there is no saving the USA and global
economy. What congress and the president needs to do first right now is
recognize that this nations survival is at stake and act accordingly.

Instead of going on silly financial wild goose chases, void all regulations
on businesses right now. Next, completely eliminate the minimum wage.
Next, set up temporary emergency government run commissaries,
government run housing in all these empty buildings, government run
clinics, and use tokens or script for all who qualify for these government

Next, stop all government spending except for military and essential
government only functions. I know to most this line of thinking will be
seen as insane, but, I assure you the stimulus path will lead to
guaranteed doom for the USA, or we end up as a debt slave owned and
controlled by foreigners.

My way to salvation is only a suggested path to take it doesn’t have be
word for word like I say but the path is a way out of no way, a word to
the wise should be sufficient. God bless America.

PS: This path will set the USA economy free and guarantee without a
shadow of doubt that entrepreneurs and the free market will save this
great nation with freedom intact, nothing else can do that.

We must place all of our faith and trust in the proven ideology of the
"Free market place at work.

The ancients certainly thought so and came up with human sacrifices
and all kinds of appeasements. Believe it or not, however, excluding the
sacrifices there are still some that fall prey to that type of thinking.

Myself, to that type of thinking I say poppycock, hogwash, bullcrap, or
some other tits on a boar hog like metaphor. It is all nonsense, what
goes around comes around and that includes the works of Mother
Nature. It also includes the working of every economy, too.

Every economy has a boon and bust cycle and sooner or later the bust
cycle is going to come back around no matter how much scheming and
fine tuning the egg heads does. That is just a fact of life.

So, when we become dumb and stupid and let the welfare state replace
and destroy our bread and butter nuclear and extended family system
that leaves us up S... Creek without a paddle.

Today when most people first read my writing they think I must be some
kind of extreme right wing kook or loon that is out of touch. What they
don't realize is one hundred years or so ago 95 percent of Americans
though as I do.

The validity of a strong nuclear and extended family system with good
morals and values haven't changed in five thousand years, it is we who
have changed for the worst as a people since the "New deal" birthed our
welfare state.  

When the wood chopper gave up on trying to splitting a mighty oak
block before walking away he decided to knee down and take a closer
look. And sure enough he could barely see it but there was a tiny
beginning split. He realized all of his long hard effort had not been
totally wasted.

I feel the same as the great wood chopper, except after all these years
of my writing effort I still can't see any reward, I wish I could just quit
and walk away and never look back, but, I know I must carry on as long
as any life left in me. I guess if I can enlighten just one person it will
have been worth it.

I placed all of my faith in Turbotax for the last few filing years. Now,
here comes the IRS hot on my tail and closing in fast. Hopefully, I will
live and survive to write another day.

I'm not complaining I'm a big boy now, I can take it; I just hope I
escape with my hide and not be skinned alive. Seriously, if its determine
that I owe I will pay, I may be too proud to beg but I'm not too proud to
pay. I have active duty served my country and will always gladly do my
citizens duty.

As a writer, maybe some humor can be found here; I have shared so
much about my life, why close my life book on this. God bless and keep
this great nation always.

This idea of getting rid of the Federal Reserve is just plain dumb and
stupid. That is like saying get rid of the government. You can't have an
organized society without government.

There must be a government to protect and safeguard the whole society.
However, what I am against is a welfare state type of government,
which I believe is unconstitutional. Without government means anarchy
with every man for himself.

The same thing applies to the economy; there must be some type of
organized money system. Otherwise, you are left with only trade and
bartering to survive. These people talking about getting rid of the
Federal Reserve are just plain ignorant, it is the best organized money
system known to man.

What type of currency to use is left up to congress and the president?
Maybe it's time congress and the president consider getting back to a
genuine physical currency with its value in the currency itself. But, to
seriously consider getting rid of the Federal Reserve is shallow and short

What are you going to replace it with, a feudal system with Lords and
castles, I think not. Right or wrong that is my one man's opinion.

I place food stamps as the third most destructive force behind the "New
deal" and the minimum wage to a genuine free market place economy.

Number one is the "New deal" when it started giving free unearned
money to the poor.  Sure, the poor must be helped as a last resort and
not allowed to starve. But, if the free market place is to survive the
government must never give out free unearned money to anyone.

The only way the government can help the poor and disadvantage
without destroying the free market place is by temporary establishing
government run commissaries, housing, and clinics. And even that
should be done only as a last resort after the extended family, the
church, the community, and all else has failed.

Otherwise a survival need for the nuclear and extended family will be
replaced by government and in time the nuclear family will cease to
exist. The reason why that will in time kill every economy is because
there are only two players in an economy; they are a seller and a buyer
or merchant and consumer.

The government is only a necessary parasite needed to protect the
whole society. Government has the power and the big guns and many
times takes over and run the whole show, but only a free market place
economy can feed its entire population.

In a free country if government would just stay with collecting taxes,
protecting the country, and doing only what the people can't do for
themselves the economy would police itself and produce far more than
the population could use.

Mother Nature’s supreme law of "Natural selection" would maintain a
natural balance between the buyers and sellers and purge out
inefficiency, moral decay and other anti-survival forces. But, when
government takes its tax money and gives out on an individual basis free
unearned money and food stamps to the poor that creates enough
people with the money to keep higher and higher priced merchants in

Then the government raises the taxes on the higher and higher priced
merchants and the merchants passes their extra cost on to the public in
a never ending inflationary spiral. After the “New deal” and the
government started giving out free unearned money on an individual
basis that ignited inflation but by then government had tasted the God
like power of being a super provider.

Then the die was cast and I don’t believe big government ever intend to
give up one inch of its cradle to grave God like great white father
provider role come hell or high waters. When it comes to money it is not
the amount that truly matters it is the buying power that really counts.

Once inflation kicks in higher taxes on merchants only means higher
prices passed on to the public. I didn’t research when the minimum
wage was started but at some point government decided the minimum
was a good idea, I totally disagree.

All the minimum wage does is remove the safety valve from a free
market place economy, it is then like a vehicle with no reverse or a hot
water heater with no pop off valve. Folks, now don’t get me all twisted I
know the things I criticize was genuine intended to help the poor and to
a lesser extent get politicians elected.

I know food stamps was meant to be a good thing but just like free
unearned cash it is deadly destructive to a free market place economy
when given out on an individual basis.

With government not giving out free money to the poor It is impossible
for most merchants to charge more than the poor can pay and stay in
business because there is never enough rich to keep commerce flowing.
When government is not involved in the free market place that will keep
the cost of living down to where the people can pay their on food and
doctor bills.

When government do help the poor and disadvantage by establishing
government run commissaries, housing, and clinics it should always use
tokens or scripts. That will make sure government spending is kept
separate and not contaminate the nation's economy in any way.

The egg heads, the ruling class, and the elites all think I'm some kind of
nut case that few knows about and I should be ignored out of existence,

When I keep harping on completely eliminating the minimum wage they
think I'm a fool and don't know what I am talking about, wrong.
Eliminating the minimum wage is the only thing that is going to save
western civilization by starving the welfare state beast out of its all
powerful super provider role.

That and that alone can set the free market place free to save western
civilization. Nothing else can do it. That act alone will permit the nuclear
and extended family system to rebound along with good moral and
plenty of emergency life sustaining bartering capacity. Otherwise, if we
fail to eliminate the minimum wage western civilization is done.

It will very soon have zero chance of surviving. The reason is Mother
Nature herself is going to use its supreme law of "Natural selection" to
reset western civilization back to zero, in other words the Stone Age.

The welfare state has destroyed 90 percent of the foundation that holds
every society together. And without the elimination of the minimum
wage the welfare state will complete the job with 100 percent
destruction. I'm talking about a 100 percent destruction of the nuclear
and extended family system.

As to good ethics and morals, right now we have men marring men and
women marring women and before long good ethics and morals will be
something found only in the history books. And the old standby of
having adequate emergency backup bartering capacity in case the
economy fails, meaning many, many small farmers and home gardeners,
they are now like so many, sucking on the welfare state provider tit.

Just in case anyone is thinking that if things get out of hand martial law
will be used to demand order by force, could be in for a rude awakening.
At this point western civilization without eliminating the minimum wage
soon won't have any foundation left to support civilization or an
organized society.

That being the case no amount of authority can prevent total chaos back
to the Stone Age. Only the elimination of the minimum wage can save
what little that is left of a foundation to survive on and reverse course
before going over the cliff and taking western civilization with it.

Of course, I know I will be ignored more than ever but I believe my
great supernatural wisdom is God given. Go ahead a laugh and dismiss
me as a bigger nut than ever, but, one thing is for sure “We all dance to
the tune of a distance drummer.” Glory be to God.

The real secret is, life is all about maintaining a balance, and I know
most of my views are too one sided and to the extreme, but only drastic
thinking and actions at this late stage can create a middle balance.

Once the minimum wage is eliminated the next step is the government
must never give out free money to help anyone on an individual basis. To
help the poor, needy or anyone the government must establish
temporary commissaries, housing, and clinics and use tokens or script
for those that qualify.

That will prevent government spending from igniting inflation and
destroying the free marking place like what is killing today's economy.
I assure you sooner or later some nation is going to see the light and
grab my no minimum wage lifeline wisdom, not every one is going to
play Russian roulette with their nations’ survival.

Like I've said before, the liberals will see you in hell before they will cut
spending and stop the growth of government. For whatever reasons,
those pushing for the collapse of the USA and global economies, it may
be all down hill from here.

I knew it, I knew it, the conservatives and others would not be able to
withstand the pressure, now I guarantee you taxes are going to be
raised on the fewer and fewer businesses left standing. Lord knows I
hope I'm wrong on this, but I'm afraid this may be the final nail in the
coffin before the sunsets of the USA and global economies.

Like a broken record I'm still at it on pleading for the eliminating of the
minimum wage. I yell to the world this welfare state beast is out of
control and is just too powerful and mighty. But like David with his stone
and sling shot I promise you, the elimination of the "Minimum wage will
bring this beast to its knees and put the people back in control over their

Nothing else is going to break its death grip on the USA and global
economies. The dam is about to burst, and once the dominos start falling
no one knows where it's going to end, it may be back to the Stone Age,
only God knows, God save America, Amen.

What this entitlement generation has forgotten or don't even know is for
over 5000 years your only survival pension was your children.

Until around eighty years ago when the "New deal" and this monster
size welfare state came about the nuclear and extended family system
allowed civilization to exist for over 5000 years. It is not a perfect
system but no society have ever survived and existed without it in the
history of man kind.

In the USA except for maybe a few veterans almost no one was on the
government dole before the "New deal" came along. Sure, in the
beginning social security was a good thing for the elderly and the
severely disadvantaged, but now every body and his brother is on it.

Those that put all of their faith in government don’t know history, there
has never been a government that didn’t go broke at some point. To let
this big government welfare state kill the nuclear family system by
taking away it survival need like what is happening is not only dumb and
stupid it is sheer madness.

Never put all of your survival eggs in one basket, especially a tax hungry
out of control welfare state beast. The biggest problem now is the
welfare state has produced so many dependents so long that nearly 40
percent of the population has no clue as how to survive using self-

I wish somebody would please show me how in the hell you are going to
pay your way out of debt by going deeper into debt, like the liberals are
trying to do.
SIRMANS LOG: 30 JULY 2011, 2025 HOURS.

About 95 percent of the American people's knowledge of how an
economy truly works can be compared to a little kid that believes grits
and eggs come only from the grocery store.

Even most economist has bought into this liberal garbage claptrap
entitlement mentality that started with the "New deal." But, I'm here to
tell you there are no free rides in life somebody always pays.

All wealth originates from some type of trade or business transaction by
the private sector, period. No wealth originates from government it is
always taken from somebody or somewhere. The first rule in economic is
"You can't get blood out of a turnip."

You can't eat money and if there are not enough people producing food
there is going to be starvation no matter who the liberals blame. When a
nation prevents the private sector from making a profit it cuts its own
throat that is biting the hand that feeds it.

Only a free market place nation can create wealth and feed its entire
people, all other economic systems leads to mass starvation, that is the
history, you can look it up. But, when have a liberal ever had common
sense, very seldom in my view.

As I set back and watch all of the ado going on about raising the debt
ceiling I just take the whole thing with a grain of salt. In the grand
scheme of things it really doesn't matter if they raise it or not because
all that is doing is buying just a wee little more time.

Either way it is not going to stop the welfare state from killing off both
the USA and global economies. As a supposition example, if miraculous
all of the USA's debt and financial problems were solved today, we as a
nation will still be doomed.

The reason is money and lack of jobs are direct and obvious, but the real
things that hold every society together is not so obvious and have rotted
away to the very core because of the welfare state. Number one, the
base and foundation for all human survival are the nuclear and extended
family system.

Nothing can exist and be strong without a survival need, and the welfare
state has took away that need for the strong nuclear family and left this
great nation with no means to survive when the going get rough, and
believe me tough times is just over the horizon. And the other two
critical survival means of good morals and adequate emergency backup
bartering capacity are practical nonexistence.

I know no one want to hear it, but I repeat again and again that the only
thing that is going to save the USA and western civilization is the
complete elimination of the minimum wage as a start. Nothing else can
break the death grip the welfare state have on this nation’s economic
throat; otherwise the welfare state is going to finish off the kill.

The biggest misconception about inflation is that the mass printing of
money by government is the cause of inflation, wrong. Government can
print all of the money it wants to and that alone will not ignite the cost of
living consumer inflation.

So, OK, the government prints up all of this worthless money? But, in
order to ignite inflation it has to get that money to enough people on an
individual basis to corrupt the natural balance between the merchant
and the consumer. Handing out free unearned money on an individual
basis that and that alone is the cause of the cost of living consumer

That is why I keep screaming so loud that government should never give
out free unearned money on an individual basis. Sure, as a last resort
when the nuclear and extended family, the church, the community, and
social organizations all fail then government must come to the rescue.
And even then government should help the poor by establishing
government run commissaries, housing, and clinics, and using scrip or
tokens to prevent destroying the USA national economy which has

Now, about 80 years after the “New deal” and mass false shallow liberal
thinking it is just the opposite with close to 95 percent of the American
people looking to government as the first resort for survival help, Lord,
what a shame. But, oh, no, my great God given wisdom is totally
ignored, I don't believe the egg heads will ever detour from the gimmick
laden economical course of least resistance we are on today.

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