About FLSirmans.com
FLSirmans.com is a website created and maintained solely by Freddie L. Sirmans,
Sr. himself.  It is very informative.  It has many links that are not endorsed by the
writer himself, but are added to help and serve you.  Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Keeps
his own counsel, he ask no one, but he is an avid reader and news watcher.  He
knows ninety percent of his writing will go over most people's heads and will not
be understood because of his outdated judgment and deep,deep wisdom.  

He gladly tells you what you will never hear from the mass media.  The fact is
simple, if you have never read Freddie L. Sirmans books, you don’t really know
what is taking place in this great country.  It’s a fact, history has and will continue
to prove him right.  No one seems more unqualified to sound the alarm of the
coming avoidable collapse than him, but destiny has reached out and grabbed him
for a call to duty.  

To refuse is not an option to him, it doesn’t matter if he has poor language skills,
being uncomfortable around people, somewhat antisocial, neurotic, and on and on.  
He doesn’t know why his raw, crude, uncut message must go forth regardless?  
But, it must for the sake of US. and western civilization survival.  Sure, he feels
some wholesale book dealers are not stocking and are blackballing his books, but
an idea whose time has come can’t be held back it must prevail.

Many are quietly buying bootlegged Freddie L. Sirmans books, but will never admit
it in public because they think he is some kind of right wing kook or nut.
However, he  learned years ago that those that can genuine love and forgive others
don't go crazy, do evil deeds, or fail in life.  He  would rather give his life than to
hurt or embarrass his family and decent people.  

In his view the most selfish act of all is to take ones self out and take someone else
along.  No one can be one hundred percent sure what a human mind will do, but in
his experience those that are selfish and unforgiving are the most prone to act out
something violent and evil. One must believe in someone positive or something
positive bigger than self, otherwise the world will revolve around self and self-
serving may become the only thing that matters.  

All blame then becomes someone else's fault.  And if you couple that with
unforgiveness, then you may have a ticking human time bomb on your hand.  The
ability to forgive and count your blessings always works to relieve depression and
is the foundation of the Christian religion.  The big, big open secret that no one will
face and everyone is running away from is mind and mood altering legal drugs.  

In almost all cases of individuals committing horrendous mind boggling crimes the
individuals were hopped up on some legal depression drug, but it is ignored out of
existence.  As to the young, kids has played doctor and experimented from the
dawn of history.  You show me yours, I'll show you mine is not new.  But now, kids
are out of control and treated like adult and given a written criminal record for life,
when all is needed to set them on a straight and narrow right course is a sugarless
diet and some painful licks on the behind.  

The only thing wrong with this great country is the welfare state, and no matter
what anybody think, privatizing out of it is the only thing that's going save this
great country.  As for gun control, don't fool yourself, almost all liberal politicians
want it, they are just lying low and hiding their intent, but waiting to pounce when
they think they can get a kill.  The real underlying reason the liberals really wants
to ban the gun doesn't have anything to do with crime.  

They want to make this welfare state the sole authority in this country for a
complete take over, and that can't be done as long as we have an armed populace.  
Western Europe is too far gone, the US. with it's armed populace is the only thing
saving individual freedom for the masses in the world today.  For years the liberals
in this country had their way by using their free candy store and promoting the
"course of least resistance," but not any more.  

With talk radio and other sources more and more people are on to them.  People are
realizing that conservative and religious values must be restored before it is too
late.  When it comes down to raw survival, conservatives has and will always win
in the end.  That is why talk radio won't work for liberals.  No one wants to hear
blame, blame, blame, and excuse after excuse.  

Decent and responsible people expect everyone to be responsible for their own
actions, case closed.   Hallelujah.  Give God the praise.   

I always say that I'm uneducated. What I really mean is I'm not formal educated
above a high school grad. Sure, for technical and other specified fields a formal
education is a must, otherwise people that read are the most informed and
intelligent that you can find. I fall in the fairly well read group and that is mostly
limited to non-fiction. Even as a kid I have always enjoyed reading.

One of the best things any parent can do for their child is to reward them for
reading books, especially poor and low income kids. It may be the only thing that
will break the chain of myths and ignorance passed down from many generations. I
heard at a very young age that I would never amount to anything. If not for my
love of reading I could possibly be locked away somewhere in some insane mental

There was a time when I dreaded going to sleep at night because of terrible
nightmares. Then I read a book on the “The power of positive thinking” by Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale. That book gave me the faith that "I could do all things
through God which strenghtens me." And I haven’t had a nightmare since and that
whole scenario took place over forty years ago.

Every diabetic should read labels and keep count of the amount of carbohydrates
consumed. Carbohydrates are really what determine ones blood sugar level. If
carbohydrates can be kept down to around 50g per meal it will go a long ways in
controlling ones blood sugar level.

Meats and fats without anything added like sauces and gravies don’t contain
carbohydrates. Most leafy vegetables and others like greens beans, broccoli,
cauliflower, and sweet peas average around 15g per 1/2 cup. It is the big 5 that
can be enjoyed but really need to be kept under control, they are bread, rice,
potatoes, pasta, and artificial sweets.

My healthy eating priority formula: Eat, fresh and raw when possible, cooked fresh,
cooked frozen, and lastly cooked canned. However, as a rule eating food properly
cooked is always safer in my view. I’m not a trained medical professional in any
way; I’m a self-made writer and hope my limited knowledge will be helpful to
someone in some way.
Valdosta, Georgia USA